Body Found In Home Of Original Mouseketeer Who Has Been Missing For Months

The world of Disney is one that usually comes with a lot of happiness and good times, but real life still sets in and problems do occur. A sad and strange story has taken an even weirder turn and it involves one of the original Mouseketeers of The Mickey Mouse Club. Dennis Day has been missing for almost a year now without anyone knowing where he may be, and this week, his case took a horrible turn as a body was found in his home.

As reported by USA Today, human remains were found on Thursday at the Oregon home of 76-year-old Dennis Day. An investigation is still ongoing and the human remains have not yet been identified.

Captain Tim Fox is the spokesperson for the Oregon State Police and he delivered a statement to USA Today.

"On Thursday, April 4, 2019, the Medford Assault and Death Investigation Unit (MADIU) was contacted by the Phoenix Police Department after human remains were discovered at 510 Pine Street in Phoenix, Oregon."
It is not known if the human remains found are that of Dennis Day, but he has been missing since July. That month, Day vanished from the small town of Phoenix, leaving behind his beloved pets and Ernest Caswell who was his partner of more than 45 years.

Making this whole story even more disheartening is that Caswell suffers from dementia-related issues and has had to be moved to an assisted living facility.

Day appeared as a Mouseketeer on Disney's original Mickey Mouse Club in the mid-'50s and he appeared on the show for two years. He was a singer and dancer on the show and seen on television across America with his Mickey Mouse ears on and the iconic white sweater with his name written on it.

Nelda Adkins is Dennis Day's sister and she sadly believes that the worst may have happened to her brother.

"The way it looks now, unless we find a body, we're not going to find him."
During the time that Dennis Day has been missing, his home and property have been previously searched by authorities. Canals, woods, and cemeteries in the area have also been searched by the police, but nothing ever turned up.

Two months ago, Day's vehicle was found around 200 miles away and on the coast of Oregon. The two people in possession of it said that Day had let them borrow it. Police investigated their claims and searched the vehicle, but there was no sign of foul play anywhere.

Dennis Day is one of those who had the distinct honor of being a Mouseketeer on the Mickey Mouse Club, but his life has taken turns that are not magical. His absence has been concerning for his family during the eight months he's been missing, but the discovery of a body in his home has taken this case in an entirely new direction.