Elisa Lam’s Autopsy Results Not Conclusive, No Cause Of Death Discovered

An initial autopsy on Elisa Lam was inconclusive, revealing no obvious cause of death for the Canadian student last seen alive weeks ago at a seedy Los Angeles hotel.

A video of Elisa Lam surfaced after her body was found in the hotel’s water tank, seemingly unnoticed for weeks and leeching into the structure’s water supply — which is used for sinks and showers within the hotel, prompting concern for the health and safety of guests.

Elisa Lam’s cause of death as well as the circumstances precipitating it remain unclear, and police are working to piece together the events between the last confirmed sighting of Lam in an elevator (in the clip below) and the discovery of her body in the water tank atop the Cecil Hotel.

The initial autopsy on Elisa Lam’s body revealed little if any information about how she died, and pending toxicology tests may be the only hope of unlocking the mystery of the 21-year-old’s inexplicable death and puzzling location of her corpse.

Yahoo reports:

“An autopsy on Elisa Lam’s body has come back inconclusive, and authorities say it could be two more months before additional tests shed light on how she died… A Los Angeles coroner revealed Thursday that toxicology tests are being conducted but results could take six to eight weeks.”

Worryingly, it seems Elisa Lam’s cause of death may remain a mystery, and ABC adds:

“Meanwhile, an autopsy performed Thursday failed to tell authorities whether Lam was killed or fell in some kind of bizarre accidents. Coroner’s officials said they would wait for toxicology test results before making a final determination… Police have called her death suspicious.”

Police have not yet ruled out foul play as Elisa Lam’s cause of death.