'Teen Mom 2' Star Leah Messer Says Her Girls Have 'Never Known Life Without Cameras Around'

Season 9 of Teen Mom 2 has shown Leah Messer caring for her three young girls, Aleeah, Ali, and Addie. However, the girls have actually been on camera pretty much their entire lives and Leah revealed in an interview with Us Weekly that the girls have "never known life without cameras around."

"They've never known life without cameras around. It's crazy. They're entertainers, for real!"
Fans have been following Leah's life including caring for her girls over the years. That includes Leah's daughter Ali's medical issues. However, the mom of three revealed that her girls are very close.
"[My daughters are] there for each other. They'll help each other. They're defending each other. That's what matters."
Leah was introduced to the world on her Season 2 episode of 16 and Pregnant. She found out she was expecting twins with her then-boyfriend, Corey Simms. The couple later found out that their daughter Ali has muscular dystrophy. Their journey in caring for Ali, including her medical care, has been talked about on Teen Mom 2.

Although Ali may require a lot of attention, Leah explained, "Aleeah had trouble for a while because Ali does require a lot of attention with her medical stuff, but as time as progressed, we have found a way that works for us, giving Aleeah her attention or her own time. She's in things, then Ali's in things. We just found a way."

On the most recent season of Teen Mom 2, fans were introduced to Leah's boyfriend Jason. Although things seemed to be going well between the couple, Leah recently revealed that the couple split about a month ago. While the break up itself will not be shown on the new season, Leah will be shown talking about the split.

Currently, the Teen Mom 2 reunion special is taping in New York City. There was some drama surrounding the cast and who would and would not attend. However, it appears that nearly all the cast attended the reunion. Leah never stated she wouldn't be attending so it should not be a surprise that she shared photos of herself at the taping. Her ex-husband, Jeremy Calvert, was also there.

It is unclear when the Teen Mom 2 reunion will air, although it will be in the upcoming months. Currently, Season 9 of the show is airing all-new episodes and fans can catch up with Teen Mom 2 Monday nights on MTV. Fans can also follow Leah on social media where she often keeps fans updated.