Kelley, Wardog, And Lauren Scramble In This Week’s ‘Survivor’ Episode

Robert VoetsCBS Entertainment

Season 38 of Survivor has not been good to the Lesu tribe. As The Inquisitr reported two weeks ago, the tribe has earned the title of one of the worst tribes in the game as it struggled to win competitions.

While the tribes have recently merged into one tribe, the former Lesu members are still on the outs as the tribe remains “Kama strong” with plans to pick off Kelley, Wardog, and Lauren.

The three former Lesu castaways learned they were not in a good place when the tribal council in last week’s episode of Survivor: Edge of Extinction did not go the way they planned. The trio thought the Kama members would take the “easy vote” and evict Devens, who had recently fought his way back into the game. Many of the former Kama members, however, didn’t like the plan, as they felt it left a poor taste in their mouth.

Instead, the former Kama tribe seized an opportunity to pull Rick and his ride-or-die David Wright into the fold. After learning Kelley, Wardog, and Lauren were more than willing to send Rick right back out the door, David and Devens were more than willing to shift sides and work with the Kama tribe to move forward.

The castaways decided to push returning castaway, Joe, out of the game instead of one of the three former Lesu members because they have the numbers.

This week’s episode kicked off with Kelley, Wardog, and Lauren scrambling as they knew they would need to do something big if they were going to survive another week in the game, as the former Kama members were coming for them.

The trio knew they would need to reach out to Aurora, Rick, and David if they were going to have a fighting chance. Kelley, Wardog, and Lauren hatched a plan to see if they could pull in Aurora because she was blindsided when Joe was evicted.

Then, they would just need to convince Rick and David it was not in their best interest to team up with the former Kama members as it would just put them at the bottom of the chopping block once all the former Lesu members were evicted from the game.

While Wardog’s back-up plan is his ability to smooth talk, Kelley and Lauren do have other options, as they are both the proud owners of immunity idols.

Kelley and Lauren gambled on not using their idols this week, which ended up paying off as Wardog was able to plant enough seeds of doubt to convince some members of Kama it wasn’t in their best interest to pick off every member of the Lesu tribe.