Jordyn Woods Flaunts Curvy Backside In Skin-Tight Bathing Suit

Jordyn Woods isn't letting her recent cheating scandal with Tristan Thompson bring her down. The model recently shared a racy photo to social media to prove that she's still in the game.

On Saturday afternoon, Jordyn Woods took to her Instagram account to share a photo of herself rocking a form-fitting bathing suit, which flaunted her hourglass figure.

Woods wore the long-sleeved, one-piece suit that boasted a black mid-section, sheer sleeves, and neon green accents, including some sexy cut outs on the side, which showed off Woods' curvy backside and sexy legs in the process.

Jordyn had her dark hair pulled up into a high bun on top of her head, and sported a full face of makeup for the photo, which included darkened eyebrows, understated eyes, pink blush on her cheeks, and some pink lips.

Woods also wore bracelets on her wrist, and multiple rings on her fingers in the photograph. She completed her sexy bathing suit look with some diamond-studded earrings.

In the background of the picture, a lot of green foliage can be seen, as well as some stone elements. Mixed in the with the greenery are purple flowers. Jordyn has her eyes closed in the sexy snapshot, and turns her head away from the camera as she talks about waking up grateful in the caption.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Jordyn Woods is said to be thankful every single day that she is still getting jobs and is able to model and make her own money following her falling out with the Kardashian-Jenner family back in February.

"Jordyn feels relieved to have not lost her makeup endorsement deal with Eylure Official Lash Collection over the entire Khloe and Tristan scandal. It was her biggest concern during all of this as it's a huge source of income for her," an insider told Hollywood Life.

"The deal is worth a lot of money and especially since Kylie was fronting a lot of Jordyn's lifestyle, of course she was scared of what would happen if she lost it. Jordyn feels she has worked really hard and is really proud of this project is so thankful to have her own collection and make her own name separate from Kylie," the source added.

As many fans know, Jordyn was asked to leave her best friend Kylie Jenner's house after it was revealed that she had kissed Khloe Kardashian's boyfriend, Tristan Thompson. It's unclear if the best friends ever reconciled.

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