'General Hospital' Spoilers: Kristina's Dawn Of Day Initiation Leads To Chaos And Blindsides

During the week of April 8, General Hospital spoilers tease that Kristina will prepare for her initiation into the Dawn of Day "circle of trust." New teasers about what viewers can expect have emerged and it sounds as if things will get quite intense as this plays out.

The Inquisitr previously shared that Daisy and Harmony will help Kristina prepare for the initiation that is set to take place in the attic of the DOD house. Sam will hide out there and overhear some of what is slated to happen, including details about Kristina's trust offering.

Some additional, tantalizing General Hospital spoilers have been revealed in the new print issue of Soap Opera Digest. Actress Lexi Ainsworth, who plays Kristina, notes that Krissy will be extremely excited as the big moment arrives. She feels that this is a huge accomplishment she worked hard to achieve and she's thrilled that Shiloh has enough faith in her to bring her into this inner circle of DOD members.

Of course, Kristina's loved ones don't see things the same way. They feel that Shiloh is manipulative and shady, and those feelings get more intense by the day. In fact, all of that concern is without any of them even knowing that Kristina needed to come up with $10,000 and reveal a deep-dark secret to gain access to that opportunity.

Harmony will be involved in all of this, and General Hospital spoilers indicate that Kristina will see Harmony as a superstar and someone she can admire. At some point heading into this initiation, Sam will overhear a concerning conversation in the attic between Shiloh and Harmony.

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Sam will learn about the family secret that is a part of this and that will surely leave her feeling shaken. Across town, Jason, Sonny, and Alexis will be scrambling. Apparently, Sonny will decide to do something quite drastic amid fears that they are running out of time. He will be anxious to get Kristina away from Shiloh and DOD, and he'll go to great lengths to make it happen.

Harmony will fill Kristina in on some of what's going to happen during this ritual, and General Hospital spoilers detail that Shiloh will visit Kristina to pep her up for the ceremony. He'll leave her with some sort of outfit to wear, and she'll be left alone in the attic for a bit. It sounds as if both Kristina and the viewers will become anxious as they wait to see exactly what's on the horizon with this process.

Ultimately, whatever Sonny decides to do will blindside Kristina. Ainsworth teases that there are numerous surprises on the way, one after another after another.

As for the timing of all of this, General Hospital spoilers via SheKnows Soaps suggest that this will be doled out bit by bit over the next week or two. There are numerous confrontations related to Dawn of Day on the way, and fans will be anxious to see exactly how crazy things get as this all plays out.