Megan Fox's Doppelganger, Claudia Alende, Flaunts Voluptuous Derriere In Tight Jeans

Brazilian model Claudia Alende has an uncanny resemblance to actress Megan Fox, and she has that to thank for her booming popularity on Instagram.

On Saturday afternoon, Alende took to her Instagram account to share a sizzling snapshot with her massive following of 9.8 million people featuring herself showing off her plump backside.

In the photo, Claudia poked fun at the current fluctuating temperatures around the world with the caption "hot or cold" as she rocked a black long-sleeved shirt, solid black gloves, and a pair of tight blue jeans.

The brunette bombshell appeared to be leaning against farm-style fencing with her curvaceous derriere pushed outward on full display for the camera. The skin-tight ensemble and the angle at which the photo was shot also allowed her to showcase her tiny waist.

While her busty bosom was not the focal point of the sexy snapshot, her curvy upper half could be seen tucked behind her elbow she had resting on the top of the fencing.

Alende rested her smooth sun-kissed face on her hand while she faced the camera with her eyes gazing off to something in the distance. She opted to keep things simple in the hair department with her long dark tresses pushed back out of her face and flowing down the side of her body that wasn't visible to the camera.

While the details of the photo revealed the model was currently spending some time in California, it appeared as if there may be a light dusting of snow on the ground inside of the fence she leaned against.

The photo had more of a winter season theme to it as she appeared to be completely surrounded by dried up trees, bushes with no leaves, and dead flowers.

In just three hours, her huge Instagram following showered the photo with over 75,000 likes and just shy of 500 comments.

Many who took the time to comment on her snapshot stuck to single word complements such as "beautiful," "queen," and "hot." Others opted to flood the comments with fire and heart emoticons.

The sultry photo comes just five days after she shared a captivating selfie of herself with the camera looking down at her. The selfie featured a close-up snap of her face with her eyes sparkling for the camera.

While Claudia was keeping warm with a jacket, it was opened just enough for her low-cut tank top to put a generous amount of her cleavage on full display.