'Sports Illustrated' Model Olivia Jordan Flaunts Full, Perfect Derriere In Skimpy Black Swimsuit

While Sports Illustrated model Olivia Jordan may be well known for her provocative poses and world-famous figure, the body-positive beauty also knows a thing or two about maintaining a healthy relationship with her social media community. Frequently taking to popular photo and video sharing platform Instagram to offer up some honest snippets from her life to her most amorous admirers, the blonde bombshell recently shared a sizzling snapshot that drove her devotees wild with desire.

In this particular image, Olivia can be seen in profile as she sits by the side of a pool bordering what appears to be the open ocean. An idyllic blue sky punctuated by pure white clouds meets the sea at the horizon, and palm trees can be seen peeking into the photographic frame to the right. Olivia herself showcases her pert derriere, toned thighs, and long, lean legs all at once. Most of the Sports Illustrated model's face is obscured by her choice of large sunglasses and her beachy golden tresses, but a smile can be seen between both of these.

The curve-hugging fabric of her slight black swimsuit leaves little to the imagination, also serving to highlight her flat stomach and tanned, slender arms. Focused on applying some designer sunscreen to combat the bright rays cascading down upon her from above, it's clear that Olivia is truly enjoying a day in paradise as this moment is captured.

In the lengthy promotional caption attached to the swimsuit model's post, she gives a shout-out to partner Kopari Beauty for their sunscreen, her new obsession. Little else can be discerned from the caption itself, although the geotag attending the sweltering image suggests that the sunny venue was somewhere in Los Angeles, California, which seems likely. Letting her body -- and her smile -- do the talking, Olivia Jordan found herself swamped with appreciation for the share, seeing it amass over 7,500 likes and 100-plus comments in very short order.

"I love this pic of you (googling flights to Hawaii lol)," one fan teased, playfully threatening to join the slim stunner in L.A.

"Your legs are amazing!" a second social media admirer gushed.

It looks like a promotional partnership with Kopari Beauty is not the only endorsement deal that the former Miss USA has attained as of late. According to TechCrunch, Olivia is also one of the primary partners of the impressive startup app Firework -- an application which focuses on storytelling and content creation.

No matter what Olivia Jordan shares with the world, her fans and followers seem to be hungry for more. Whether it's with Firework or any other forward-thinking brand, the Sports Illustrated model seems to have the world at her feet, and her audience can't wait to see what comes next for her.