'Playmate Of The Year' Sara Underwood Goes Braless & Blows A Kiss For The Camera On Instagram

While Sara Jean Underwood may be more interested in her social media presence nowadays rather than her past accomplishment, the fact remains that the former Playboy "Playmate of the Year" stands on the shoulders of those same achievements. Having tended to a devoted and substantial fan base of well over 9 million individual Instagram users, Sara clearly knows exactly how to motivate her most ardent admirers, and she frequently does so with sexy, sultry snapshots which leave very little to the imagination.

In a recent Instagram snap, Sara can be seen striking a casual yet coquettish pose, backgrounded by a mountainous landscape. Clad in a skimpy white bandeau top and a pair of distressed denim jeans, the blonde bombshell conjures up a chic yet adventurous aesthetic. Her ample assets are emphasized by the clinging fabric of the barely-there crop top, her flat stomach also being showcased in the process.

Her signature golden tresses are styled in a playful, girlish fashion, slight pigtails and small curls evident on either side of her pretty face. Sara closes her eyes as she leans slightly forward to blow a pouty kiss to the camera, her lips painted a feminine and timeless pink. Her eyes are further framed by a pair of thick-rimmed glasses, equal parts sexy librarian and urban hipster.

In the caption of the image, Sara said that she was offering up some love to her fans and followers, following up this wish with a guessing game as to her current location. After having attracted over 115,000 likes and 700-plus comments in short order, it looks like more than a few fans were willing to make some guesses in response.

"Artists palette," one user guessed. Sara replied with a single flame emoji, meaning that this person's guess was likely on the mark. Artists Palette is part of Death Valley National Park, per TripAdvisor.

"I don't know. I know where you aren't," one admirer wittily quipped.

"You should take more pictures with your glasses... You look great in them. Question: Do you really wear glasses or just for certain things like reading?" a third Instagram fan asked, answering Sara's question with one of their own.

Sara Underwood has been traveling the world in style as of late, in the company of her boyfriend and principal photographer Jacob Witzling. As designboom details, the two lovebirds have been trekking the globe in a heavily modified 1979 Ford F-250, one with a custom built cabin attached to the truck bed. Her fans and followers absolutely love every glimpse that Sara shows them -- of herself, and of her life writ large -- and can't wait to see what might come next.