Justin Bieber Reportedly Focused On Health & Peace Amid Mental Health Struggles

Justin Bieber has been focusing on himself over the past few weeks as he and his wife, Hailey Baldwin, move into the new home they recently purchased.

According to People Magazine, Justin Bieber is super focused on his health and living a peaceful lifestyle as he and Hailey Baldwin move into their first official home as a married couple.

"This is their first house together as a married couple, so it's a big deal. They worked with a designer to furnish the house. It's a fun project for them," a source tells the magazine.

"They are both very excited about their new house. Right after they got married, they rented a house and then stayed at a hotel. It wasn't the best situation. They couldn't wait to find the perfect house," the insider added.

The insider also reveals that Bieber has been busy working on his mental health amid reports that he's struggled with some issues. He is said to be feeling less pressure at the moment, as he's taking a break from the spotlight, and is making some strides in his overall health and peace of mind with Hailey by his side.

However, he was recently under fire for posting a fake pregnancy photo of Hailey to trick his social media followers on April Fools' Day.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, sources claim that Justin Bieber has been receiving treatment for issues such as depression, and the singer has admitted that he's been going to therapy to help him during the rough patch.

An insider claimed that Justin had been looking down and tired. Sadly, the issues are occurring in the first months of Bieber and Baldwin's marriage, but sources tell People that Justin's problems have nothing to do with Hailey, and that he is very happy in his relationship with his new bride.

Instead, it seems that his fame is mostly to blame for his reported depression. The insider goes on to say that the limelight has taken a toll on the singer over the years, and that having cameras on him every single time he leaves his home has been hard for him and his emotional health, adding that he often feels like everyone is out to get him.

However, since he is now in treatment, the star is reportedly confident that he will be feeling better soon.

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