Former WWE World Champion Shockingly Signs With Impact Wrestling

With all the talk about WWE for this weekend's WrestleMania 35 and All Elite Wrestling possibly being the next big thing, people shouldn't forget about Impact Wrestling. This week, they have already held their United We Stand event which included the return of a star who has been away from the company since 2013 and is a former WWE Champion. It may be hard to believe, but Rob Van Dam is back and he's ready to be the whole f'n show once again.

The 48-year-old RVD shocked everyone this week when he told Sporting News that he had signed an extended agreement with Impact Wrestling. It kind of came out of nowhere, but Van Dam said that everyone would be seeing his face around for the "foreseeable future."

"We have an agreement to where I will be sticking after the show on Thursday. It does have a beginning and an end, but they can extend, so this is something to start us off. I had agreed to one match, and then we talked about and discussed doing their upcoming tapings after the show on Thursday and a couple of television tapings over the next few months. We looked at the schedule moving forward, and they asked if I was available. I told them I was."
By the show on Thursday, he meant the United We Stand event which saw RVD team up with his old ECW partner Sabu for a tag team match. The extreme team faced off against Pentagon Jr. and Fenix, and it was great for hardcore wrestling fans to see them teaming together once again.
The match didn't exactly go their way as Pentagon Jr. and Fenix ended up winning by pinfall, but it was certainly a lot of fun.

One of the big reasons that Rob Van Dam never returned to WWE was their extremely busy schedule, among many other things. RVD said that "Impact with their schedule and the position they want me to fill for my career seems like a perfect situation."

Sportskeeda caught up with Van Dam before he and Sabu took on the Lucha Bros this week, and the former WWE Champion confirmed this will be an extended run with Impact.

RVD said that he's still interested in "good business" and "opportunities" which are two things offered to him by Impact Wrestling. He said that he hopes this situation is a "win-win for everybody" as he's providing something for them and the schedule is very favorable for him.

He's one of the most interesting talents to ever step into a wrestling ring and Rob Van Dam doesn't believe he's finished even though he is almost 50-years-old. WWE's schedule is simply something that didn't work for him, but he came to an agreement with Impact Wrestling that is working out best for all involved.