'The Young And The Restless' Spoilers Weekly Video Preview: Phyllis Blackmails The Abbotts

The Young and the Restless spoilers weekly video preview shows that Phyllis has big plans to ensure the Abbott boys get precisely what they deserve. Billy and Victoria make out in Vegas while Lola offers herself to Kyle in Genoa City, and Sharon wonders why Rey kept Mia's pregnancy from her.

Sharon (Sharon Case) confronts Rey (Jordi Vilasuso) about Mia's (Noemi Gonzalez) pregnancy. Rey protests that he's not even sure the baby is his because Mia also slept with Arturo (Jason Canela). The Inquisitr reported that Sharon questions things with Rey after she learns that he kept Mia's news from him. However, Sharon decides to draw a line in the sand with Mia, and in the end, Sharon has to take Rey's wife to the hospital when she starts having pains. While there, Mia is shocked to learn that she's 12 weeks pregnant.

In Las Vegas, Billy (Jason Thompson) works hard to convince Victoria (Amelia Heinle) that they're meant to be. Victoria protests that they've tried it all before and it's never worked out for them. Billy wants to try again, so he shows Victoria by kissing her passionately trying to prove his point that they need to give their relationship one last try, and this time it will work because Billy will make sure of it.

After months of rejecting Kyle's (Michael Mealor) advances in the bedroom, a desperate Lola (Sasha Calle) changes her tune now that Kyle is married to Summer (Hunter King). During a meal at The Club, Lola suggests that they get a room. Kyle is incredulous, but apparently, the two end up engaging in some between-the-sheets action as the clothes come off.

However, Kyle failed to consider everything fully. His mother-in-law Phyllis (Gina Tognoni) gets wind that something is happening between Kyle and Lola, so she gets somebody to take pictures of everything. Phyllis has hit rock bottom, and she has very little to lose. With revenge on her mind, she gathers all the evidence she needs to sink Kyle, at least where Summer is concerned.

Phyllis decides to blackmail Kyle and his father Jack (Peter Bergman) with all the evidence she gathers during Kyle and Lola's illicit moments together. One way or another, Phyllis will ensure that the Abbotts get exactly what she believes they deserve after she lost everything and they came out ahead. Of course, Summer could find herself devastated in the midst of her mother's machinations.