Cardi B Opens Up About Feeling 'Trapped' & 'Sad' As She Faces Pressure To Be A Role Model

Cardi B is struggling under the pressure of being a role model for young listeners. On Saturday morning, the rapper took to Twitter to explain that she hasn't been feeling like herself lately when a fan called her out for sending the "wrong" messages to impressionable younger fans. A conversation quickly began about the high expectations many fans have for celebrities to act as role models, with some users defending Cardi's ability to be herself if she wants to. The discussion came days after Cardi's past as a stripper resurfaced, leading the rapper to defend herself for some controversial actions.

The conversation began when a fan wrote to Cardi on Twitter that she does not agree with the "messages" she has been sending young girls, according to Complex.

"So many of us look at you as a role model and that should send a very loud message," the user wrote.

Cardi quickly defended herself by saying that she has been trying to act like a role model, which has resulted in her feeling like someone she is not.

"For these past two years I [sic] been watching what I say and I haven't been myself. I been feeling trap [sic] and sad cause it's not ME," the "I Like It" rapper wrote. "Everybody tells me to be this role model and guess what? People still spit my past right in my face so for now imma be my old self again."

Fans praised the rapper for standing up for herself, with many encouraging her to continue to be herself. One Twitter user pointed out that Cardi's personality, which is sometimes perceived as vulgar, is what made fans fall in love with her to begin with.

"Y'ALL made her famous for being who SHE is. Before the fame she was blunt loud/funny/nasty, whatever you wanna call her and y'all loved it, now she's here and y'all hate her for it," they wrote.

Others pointed out that not all celebrities have to be role models for young fans. One Twitter user made the argument that it is on parents to monitor who their children look up to.

Last week, Cardi confessed that she used to drug and rob men in her days as a stripper. Many fans became outraged that she did not face the same consequences for her actions when compared to men who have committed similar crimes. The rapper later defended her statement by saying that she did what she had to do to survive, CNN reported.