Meghan Markle Does Her Own Makeup For Special Events For This Reason, 'Us Weekly' Reports

Meghan Markle's beauty regimen has become a source of close speculation ever since her relationship with Prince Harry became news. Several publications have reported that she often does her own makeup, which seems strange to some because of the resources that she has at her disposal. Some have speculated that it's because she doesn't want to seem more high maintenance than her sister-in-law, Kate Middleton.

Us Weekly asked their sources about Duchess Meghan's tendency to do her own face and found there's a simple reason for it: she just enjoys putting on her own makeup.

"Meghan has her makeup done for some special occasions but likes to do it herself," their source said.

According to Us Weekly, Meghan's good friend, makeup artist Daniel Martin, was the one who first alerted the public to the fact that she regularly does her own makeup for special events.

He once posted a photo of her at a royal engagement and complimented her look. When fans assumed that he did her makeup for the event, he corrected them.

"I didn't [do the makeup] but she's so good herself, right!?'" he wrote in response to a commenter.

It looks like Meghan's DIY approach extends to her clothing as well. A friend of the duchess told People Magazine that they were with the royals as they prepped for one of their engagements and the former actress put together her outfit by herself.

Her friend also said that she cooks every night which is unsurprising when you remember that she made a loaf of banana bread for a family that they visited during their tour of Australia.

"There's a false assumption that she lives in some gilded palace with staff and ladies-in-waiting and all these royal perks," their source added. "It's simply not true."

It's likely that Meghan Markle isn't too concerned about makeup these days as she's currently on maternity leave. She and Prince Harry were recently seen shopping and it looked like she was barefaced. As The International Business Times reports, the Office for National Statistics in the United Kingdom estimates that their baby will be born on April 28.

This lines up with the estimate that has come from Meghan herself. As the article notes, the Duchess of Sussex previously told fans that she thinks her baby will be born around the end of April/early May. In the first pregnancy announcement last year, Kensington Palace said that the baby would be born in Spring 2019, so the wait will soon be over.