Lenny Kravitz's Daughter Zoë Goes Topless While Eating A Peach On Instagram

Zoë Kravitz looked great as usual in a new Instagram post where she posed for Rolling Stone. The model-actress went topless for the shoot, as she ate a peach that she held in her hands. She censored her chest with her arms, and wore her hair down in loose waves. She accessorized with multiple earrings, and sported white bottoms.

Meanwhile, Kravitz has been keeping fans updated on her personal Instagram page. Lately, Zoë's been sharing photos of other people on her page. This includes a sweet birthday shout-out to Reese Witherspoon on her birthday, when Kravitz posted a throwback photo of the actress a couple of weeks ago. She's also posted a video of Senator Flowers, and a post dedicated to sending love to the victims of the New Zealand shooting.

The last time the model shared a professional photo from a modeling shoot was on March 5. The image showed Kravitz standing against a white backdrop in ultra-high waisted bottoms with a loose wrap-around, long-sleeved shirt. She also sported knee-length boots. On February 15, Zoë shared another photo from potentially the same shoot, except this time, she was completely nude save for a furry scarf and a statement-piece headdress.

One of the things that makes Kravitz stand out among others is her bold personality. She revealed some of this with an interview with Byrdie in 2018.
"To me, beauty is an attitude, you know? When I see someone who is comfortable in their own skin and knows who they are, I think that's gorgeous. I've seen so many people who on paper are 'beautiful,' and there's just nothing behind the eyes—they're totally insecure, and all of a sudden, the beauty doesn't mean anything, and I don't find them beautiful anymore. That beauty lasts about two seconds."
But that's not to say that self-confidence came easily to the model, as she noted that "It definitely took me some bit of time as an adult and someone who was in the public eye to find myself. There's a lot of pressure."

Of course, having a famous father like Lenny Kravtiz meant that there was no way around her enjoying a "normal" childhood. However, Zoë has been able to carve out her own accomplishments in the competitive modeling and entertainment industries. This includes being the first woman of color to be featured as the face of a YSL perfume. And clearly, she has a strong fan base with over 4.3 million people who follow her on Instagram.