Pistorius Granted Bail, Friends Say Couple Were Happy

Oliver Pistorius has been granted bail today after the shooting death (under still being investigated circumstances) of his fashion model girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp.

ABC in Australia covered the hearing during which Pistorius was granted bail, reporting that cheers in the courtroom were observed as Magistrate Desmond Nair handed down the decision during the two-hour session.

At the hearing in which Pistorius was granted bail, friends of the couple gathered and expressed confusion and lingering shock over the Valentine’s Day death of Reeva Steenkamp. Gina Myers, a friend of the model, told reporters that those close to the slain woman are patient and just hope the facts of the case come out:

“We just want to believe that justice will be served … And we trust it. We trust and we have faith in the fact the truth will come out.”

Myers, still grieving, recalled her friend Steenkamp at Pistorius’ bail hearing, saying fondly:

“Even when we were in rooms next door to each other … she’d still send me messages saying … ‘Goodnight my G, I love you.’ … She was just always happy and smiling and always just, and the most … amazing outlook on life … There was not one day ever that she complained about anything. It doesn’t matter what’s going on inside of her head and heart, she was always just happy.”

Pistorius bail hearing marked the first judicial victory for the athlete known as “Blade Runner” due to his unique prosthetics, and the judge in the case admitted the state’s evidence thus far was “weak” to support premeditated murder, also opining Pistorius is not deemed a flight risk.

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