Jennifer Lopez Not Devastated By Alex Rodriguez Cheating Rumors

Jennifer Lopez is not worrying about those pesky cheating rumors surrounding her new fiance, Alex Rodriguez.

According to a report by Gossip Cop, the latest rumors about Jennifer Lopez being devastated following claims that Alex Rodriguez has been cheating on her are simply not true.

One tabloid reportedly claims that J.Lo feels like she's been stabbed in the back by her future husband, and that while she loves A-Rod, she is now having some serious doubts about whether or not she should walk down the aisle with the former baseball player due to his allegedly infidelity.

A source also claimed that Jen was the most hurt by the rumors that the cheating happened right before Alex proposed to her.

However, Gossip Cop says that rumors are not true. A source close to the singer/actress claims that Jennifer isn't paying any attention to the rumors about Alex's infidelity, and that just this week, Lopez opened up about her engagement to Rodriguez, claiming during a radio interview that she's never been happier.

J.Lo has also continued to post photos of herself with A-Rod to social media, seemingly revealing that all is well between the couple as they plan to tie the knot in the near future.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Jennifer Lopez is said to be planning a lavish wedding to Alex Rodriguez. Sources tell Life & Style Magazine that "Jenny From The Block" is said to want a huge ceremony, complete with a star-studded guest list for her fourth marriage.

"She's decided this should be the most star-studded, opulent ceremony that will go down in history as the most lavish celebrity wedding of all time. She's aware it'll be a fine line between classy and over-the-top so she's working with a team of high-end planners and lifestyle experts to weigh up options," an insider told the outlet.

"Right now, they're toying over venues such as the Bahamas, the Hamptons, Hawaii, or even a private island. Money's no object whatsoever and she's willing to wait if it guarantees her the ultimate guest list. She figures this will be her final opportunity for a princess-style wedding, so she wants to go out with the ultimate bang," the source added.

The wedding will mark the fourth for J.Lo, who has been married to Ojani Noa, Cris Judd, and Marc Anthony in the past. She was also engaged to actor Ben Affleck, but the pair never made it down the aisle together.

Fans can see more of Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez's life together by following the couple on Instagram.