Dean Cain Believes Someone Is Behind Alyssa Milano's Protest Against Georgia Abortion Law

Superman actor Dean Cain says he can't believe that actor Alyssa Milano is supporting women's reproductive rights in Georgia of her own accord, and believes someone or some group is behind her political activism. Cain is questioning Milano's protesting of the Georgia law governing abortion rights.

The Daily Mail says that Cain has been speaking out against Milano and 50 other actors who oppose the Georgia heartbeat abortion ban, and in support of his new right-to-life-themed movie, Gosnell: The Trial of America's Biggest Serial Killer, about a Pennsylvania doctor who performed abortions.

Cain says that Milano was one of the actors who signed a letter threatening to pull support for movie and television projects filmed in Georgia if the abortion ban goes through. Cain says that Hollywood has no right to tell Georgia what to do because they don't share the same morals, and they shouldn't threaten the state economically.

The law, which would prevent abortion after a fetal heartbeat is detected, is awaiting the signature of Republican Gov. Brian Kemp, and Cain believes that the Hollywood-sponsored letter, which was also signed by Alec Baldwin, Amy Schumer, and others, is an effort to stop the governor from signing the legislation.

Cain wouldn't specify why he doesn't believe that Milano, the actor who starred in the popular series Charmed, could be acting of her own accord, but he singled her out when criticizing Hollywood.
"I don't think Alyssa Milano is doing this out of her own volition, I think she's got somebody behind her, a group behind her, for her to be quoting certain things and creating these protests — I don't think she's doing it by herself."
Milano has a vested interest in the current Georgia matter, as she is currently working on a Netflix project in the state, and says she won't continue if the ban goes through. When the Fox host asked Cain why he mentioned Milano in particular, he said that the people of Georgia have elected people to speak for them, and not Milano.
"[T]hose voters spoke. They elected these guys and gals, and that's the bill they came up with."
Cain says that he doesn't believe that Milano understands federalism and states' rights, which allows people in an individual state to make their own rights.

Dean Cain now balances his movie career with work in real estate investment and hosting infomercials for The National Real Estate Network, which teaches people how to flip houses.