Michelle Pfeiffer Is Still As Seductive As Ever As She Breaks Out Her Old-School Catwoman Whip

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This summer will mark 27 years since Michael Keaton donned the cape and cowl for the last time as Batman Returns hit theaters in June of 1992. In that movie, Danny DeVito starred as the primary villain by donning the hat and umbrella of the Penguin. Michelle Pfeiffer was also in the movie as quasi-villain Catwoman, and almost three decades later, she has proven that she can still pop the whip.

Over the years, there have been a number of actresses step into the role of Catwoman and try their hand at being the iconic villainess. In 1992, Pfeiffer donned the leather outfit to become Catwoman while also starring as her alter-ego, Selina Kyle. The actress took to her own personal Instagram account this week to show the world that age has not taken the seductive and evil style away from her.

In just a few weeks, Michelle Pfeiffer will turn 60, and the veteran actress has shown no signs of slowing down. As a matter of fact, she returned to the superhero movie genre as Janet Van Dyne in Marvel’s Ant-Man and The Wasp, and she was quite perfect.

Still, it’s hard for any true comic book fans to look at her and not remember how she perfected every single action of Catwoman. On her Instagram, she wanted to show the world that she holds onto some movie props and she stumbled across her old Catwoman whip.

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Look what I found ????

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Fans really took to the video and loved seeing her hold the famous whip from Batman Returns, but she wasn’t happy with just showing it off. No, Pfeiffer wanted to show off her skills and let it be known that after 27 years, it’s “just like riding a bike.”

About a week after finding the whip, Pfeiffer hopped back on Instagram and posted a video of her cracking it in the air just as Catwoman did in the film.

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Just like riding a bike ????

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It really is awesome to see that a big celebrity still has a prop such as the Catwoman whip in her possession. When someone cleans out their attic or garage, they’ll stumble across old memories and things they didn’t even remember they still had, but nothing like this.

Imagine heading into wherever your storage is and finding the whip of one of the most famous comic book villains of all time?

Michelle Pfeiffer displays the actions of a cat in "Batman Returns."
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Over the decades, there have been a lot of different actresses step into the role of Catwoman – Halle Berry, Julie Newmar, Earth Kitt, Anne Hathaway, and others. While they have all given their own twist to the Batman villain, it’s hard to believe that Michelle Pfeiffer is anything but the very best. By showing the world that she still has her whip and knows how to use it 27 years later, it’s even more difficult to doubt her.