Michael Cohen Hands Over New Evidence Of Donald Trump ‘Conspiracy To Collude With Russian Government’ In 2016

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Less than two weeks after Attorney General William Barr sent Congress a four-page letter, posted online by Vox.com, claiming that Special Counsel Robert Mueller “did not find” that Donald Trump or anyone in his campaign “conspired or coordinated with Russia,” Trump’s former personal lawyer and “fixer” Michael Cohen sent his own letter saying he had evidence that Trump did, in fact, conspire with the Russian government in the 2016 presidential election.

The Cohen memo is accompanied by 100 pages of supporting evidence, according to a BuzzFeed report, in which Cohen includes his “testimony to the Mueller team and to other non-public testimony to congressional committees.”

The memo also includes details not previously disclosed by Cohen in his public statements and testimony to Congress, including new allegations about Trump’s involvement in the Trump Tower Moscow project, which as The Inquisitr has covered, continued well into Trump’s presidential campaign in 2016, at a time when Trump was stating publicly on the campaign trail that he had no business interests in Russia.

As late as May of 2016, according to the Cohen memo — drafted by Cohen’s attorneys, and posted online via DocumentCloud — Trump approved a trip to Moscow by Cohen “to assist the building of the project” sometime around the dates of the Republican National Convention that year.

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Donald Trump too part in a conspiracy with Russia, Michale Cohen now says.Featured image credit: Alex WongGetty Images

In the memo, Cohen alleges that Trump encouraged him to lie about the dates of the Trump Tower Moscow project when he testified under oath to Congress — appearing to largely confirm a January BuzzFeed report stating that Trump “directed” Cohen to lie. The January BuzzFeed report elicited a rare public comment from Mueller’s spokesperson, appearing to deny the BuzzFeed reporting.

Trump’s public lying about his involvement with Russia was so brazen, according to Cohen’s memo, that Cohen would often hear Trump at campaign rallies telling his supporters “no Russia, no Russian contacts, no Russian deals,” only to phone Cohen once the rally ended, to ask, “What’s going on in Russia with the Tower project?”

Though Barr claimed in his four-page letter that Mueller had failed to “establish” a conspiracy between Trump and the Russian government, members of Mueller’s investigative team have been reported, by multiple media outlets, to be disturbed by Barr’s characterization of their findings. As The Inquisitr reported on Thursday, the Mueller investigators believe that they found “very compelling” evidence of collusion between Trump and Russia, and that they detailed that evidence in the Mueller Report — which Barr has refused to release to Congress and the public.