'General Hospital' Spoilers: That Necklace Still Hasn't Popped Up, But Shiloh Does Have Something Of Willow's

Shiloh is making his rounds on ABC's General Hospital. He has Kristina right where he wants her, he's been sharing energies with Sam, and he is also trying to lure Willow Tait back into the Dawn of Day fold. He seems very sure that the school teacher will return to him very soon. It sounds like Shiloh will pull out the big guns soon enough to manipulate her even more.

Willow had a bad day on Friday's show. She had to face Nina and Valentin who want her fired. Now it looks like her day is about to get even worse when Shiloh shows up to her classroom. The General Hospital previews for Monday reveals that Shiloh will once again pay a visit to his former follower. However, Chase is already there and he isn't going to take anything from the Dawn of Day leader. In fact, SheKnows Soaps indicates that Chase will put Shiloh on notice. He is expected to make it clear that he doesn't want Shiloh anywhere near his girl.

It also sounds like Shiloh doesn't come empty handed on Monday. The previews had him telling Willow that he has something of hers. What could that be? It could possibly be something that she left behind when she went on the run.

There is an interesting spoiler from Soap Central that is still lingering that the other half of Nina's necklace will be turning up soon. It hasn't shown up yet, especially now that Nina thinks she has already found her daughter. Fans are sure that Willow will turn out to be her daughter, not Sasha. So, once that necklace surfaces, that will be a huge hint as to who it will be.

Another interesting tidbit is that Willow was totally manipulated by Shiloh when she was a member of his cult. Fans have learned that he insists followers tell him a huge secret to gain his trust and that is how he gets into their head. What secret did Willow share? That hasn't been revealed yet, but it could have something to do with her being adopted.

It would be quite interesting if Shiloh was in the possession of the other half of Nina's necklace. That could very well be the thing that he held over her and if that's the case, Shiloh may try to use it as bait to get Willow back with him. That could be what he will have in his hand on Monday's episode to give her. Or it could be something else entirely, but you know that Shiloh will have something big over Willow in order to reel her back in.

That necklace is sure to be found one of these days. That is unless the General Hospital writers decide to scrap the story line of Willow being Nina's daughter since actress Michelle Stafford is leaving the soap.

Whatever Shiloh has to give to Willow certainly won't make Chase happy. He may not even get the chance to give it to her with Chase guarding her. Be sure to watch General Hospital on Monday to see what Shiloh is up to this time.