Comedian Jessimae Peluso Rocks Bikini, Yoda Mask For Crazy Shower Dance

Jesse GrantGetty Images

Comedian Jessimae Peluso sure knows how to bring the laughs to her ever-growing fan base, and a video shared by the funny lady to Instagram shows how off the wall she can truly be. Peluso did a crazy, sexy dance in the shower while rocking a skimpy bikini and a Yoda mask — much to the delight of her followers.

Set to Nelly’s “Hot In Herre,” the video starts out with a shot of a shower — curtain closed — with the water running in the background. The curtain flung open, and Peluso began busting a move under the cascading flow of the shower, all while paying homage to Star Wars hero Yoda.

Peluso wore a mismatched bikini for the hilarious clip, and chose a pair of hot pink bottoms and dark brown top. The stringy number showed of Peluso’s trim physique and as she spun around with her hysterical movements, her gorgeous tattoos visible.

The former co-host of MTV’s Girl Code is notorious for sharing updates about her life, her joy of doing standup comedy, and her love for John Stamos. She frequently digitally places herself into photos with the Full House actor, and according to her Instagram feed, she even has a giant picture of Stamos over her living room couch.

Peluso has also been very open and honest about her father’s losing battle with Alzheimer’s disease. When he passed away late last year, she penned a touching tribute that resonated with her fans, many of whom felt they had grown to know him personally after seeing him appear on her social media outlets for years — and seeing him at her comedy shows.

“Every girl remembers her firsts. Her first best friend. Her first love. Her first heartbreak. For me, you were all three. I hope I made you proud. I hope you heard me when I said I loved you in your final days.”

Touched by Peluso’s words to her father, and having watched her affection from afar for years, Stamos reached out to her on Facebook and offered her some comfort. He shared that both of his own parents have since passed, and he finds solace in the fact that he spent so much time with them celebrating their lives — and that he knows that Peluso feels the same. He further added that he hopes his own son will one day think of him as she did of her dad.

Peluso responded in true comedic fashion by telling Stamos to alert his wife, Caitlin McHugh, that she will be moving into their guest house.