Busker From Boston Shares Stories About Dating Kurt Cobain Just Before He Met Courtney Love

On the 25th anniversary of the death of beloved Nirvana singer Kurt Cobain, heartfelt sentiments are being shared about how his music affected people. Memories of where people were when they heard the news of his death is a trending topic on Twitter. But the memories of singer Mary Lou Lord have a decidedly bittersweet tinge to them, as she shared stories about how she dated the iconic grunge singer – right up until he met Courtney Love, according to The Daily Mail.

In fact, Lord shared that she only found out that her own fling with Cobain was at an end when he announced he was having sex with Courtney Love in a television interview she saw.

"I just want everyone in this room to know Courtney Love, the lead singer of the pop band Hole, is the best f*** in the world," Cobain said in an interview, words which Lord says devastated her.

Lord is a musician herself, and works as a busker in Boston. She says she met Cobain a short while prior to Nirvana exploding in popularity, and related how the two met at a Boston bar called the Rathskeller in 1991, bonding over their mutual love of music – right after she figured out that he was a musician himself.

"I thought he was the roadie, I really did."
The pair were an item for just a couple of months, but it was at an extraordinary time in both Cobain's personal history as well as the history of music in general. Lord says she was at Cobain's side as he watched the MTV world premiere of the "Smells Like Teen Spirit" video in New York City.
"You could really feel that there was some kind of a change happening. You just had the sense of, 'I'm in the right place right now.'"
Later, Lord says, she joined him and the band when they went on a tour of London and the U.K. However, after spending the night with Cobain during the European leg of the tour, Lord says she overheard him speaking on the phone in a late-night conversation.

Kurt Cobain book promo photo.
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The next day, she says she overheard drummer Dave Grohl tell Cobain, "Oh Courtney called."

And it was only a short while later -- while Lord was at home in Boston -- when she saw the interview in which Cobain gave a shout-out to Love's bedroom prowess.

Love, who went on to have a child with Cobain -- and saw a tremendous boost to her own career as a singer with her marriage to the Nirvana frontman -- has accused Lord of harassment, and of trying to make a career for herself off of Cobain's name.

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Of Cobain -- who died on April 5, 1994 after shooting himself with a shotgun -- Lord says that he was "born with a certain kind of loneliness."

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