‘RHOBH’ Star Kyle Richards Yells ‘Goodbye Kyle’ In Front Of Lisa Vanderpump’s SUR Restaurant

Charles SykesBravo

Last Tuesday night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills featured the highly-anticipated scene viewers had been waiting for. At the beginning of Season 9, a massive fight between former best friends Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards was teased in Episode 1 — one featuring a now-infamous line spoken by Lisa’s husband, Ken Todd.

“Goodbye Kyle” started to trend in the United States during the episode, after Ken asked Kyle to leave their house following the tumultuous fight between her and his wife. Kyle doesn’t seem too fazed about the whole conversation, as she is now making fun of Ken’s comment on social media. In a new Instagram Story from Kyle (via @TwoJudgeyGirls), the reality star is seen yelling the catchphrase across Beverly Hills and Hollywood.

The first scene in the Story is taken right outside of SUR restaurant, which is owned by Lisa. Kyle yelled that she was going to order a drink called the Goodbye Kyle on the rocks. Kyle then pans the camera to her friend, who is laughing outside the popular West Hollywood hotspot. Her friend joked that he was going to order tequila with a side of “Goodbye Kyle” as he imitated Ken.

Throughout the Story, Kyle features her Uber driver — who also yells the phrase — and proceeds to say goodbye to her friends as they exit the vehicle just as Ken did in the episode. Longtime friend to Kyle, Faye Resnick, was also traveling with the RHOBH OG throughout the night, and when she left the car, Kyle laughed and yelled “Goodbye Faye!” in a raspy British accent. Faye yelled “Goodbye Kyle” back as the group of friends laughed uncontrollably.

Not too many fans took kindly to Kyle’s Instagram Story, since the former television producer had claimed to be upset over the falling out of her friendship with Lisa and Ken.

“Here’s the mean girl Kyle we all knew was out there. Love how she’s heart broken on her blog but after a few drinks the real gal comes out to play,” one fan wrote under the video.

“Wait. I thought this was like a very serious issue? Like, Ken was very scary and threatening? A man shouldn’t scream at a woman or in her face??? Is this a joke now? She was very very shattered about being treated this way? Now it’s funny??” another added.

Ken was labeled as aggressive by Teddi Mellencamp after Tuesday night’s episode, particularly after he raised his voice and pointed his finger at Kyle. Kyle was not pleased with Ken’s actions, which she spoke about in her blog, but is now making light of the situation. Kyle also retweeted a video of her Instagram Story which was shared by a fan, one which also resulted in some “Vile Kyle” insults.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs every Tuesday night at 9 p.m. EST on Bravo.