Model Alexis Ren Undresses & Exposes Her Chest In New Instagram Photo

Rich FuryGetty Images

Social media star Alexis Ren is unlike most Instagram models because she has crossed over into traditional modeling. That’s included modeling for Sports Illustrated and Maxim. And a new image from the latter publication proves just why. The photo, taken by Gilles Bensimon, shows Alexis posing on a plush red chair. Behind her is a white statue along with what looks like a bookcase.

The model was pictured in the midst of undressing, as she partially wore fuzzy purple pajamas. Ren glanced at the camera with her lips slightly parted, as she left much of her chest exposed. She censored herself with her left arm, and the light from the window cast a dramatic shadow on her face and body. It’ll be interesting to see if any more photos from the shoot are revealed on Instagram.

In addition, Alexis has been sharing numerous photos from her trip to Japan. She’s shared images of herself in both contemporary and traditional settings, with the newest update showing her standing in front of a garden. The model sported a strappy, floor-length gray dress that hugged her curves. She propped her left foot to emphasize her curves and held a fan in her right hand.

Another photo from yesterday was taken as Alexis stood in the middle of a busy city street, with neon signs lining both sides. For this photo, she opted for a white crop tank that she wore underneath an oversized white jacket.

And that’s not all, as Alexis also maintains an active Twitter following. Many of her posts are her musings throughout the day, along with special images that are only shared on Twitter.

Since she arrived in Japan, it sounds like she’s been reflecting a lot, at one point noting, “Sometimes I think I crave cities the way I crave the ocean and mountains. Each one has a different vibration, beating to its own drum.”

Ren also talked about how she feels like she’s at a good point in her life.

“I feel like this is the first time in my life where I feel like I know exactly what I’m here to do.

“I know in ten years or even less it will change because we never stay the same, but right now feels so good and acknowledging it is important”

But it’s not like everything is always peaches and cream, as the model also said that “Its [sic] a wonderful thing to create to your own reality but d*mn its never a secure thing.”