Colby Covington Blasts UFC, Says Its Fighters Earn 'Dog S**t' Compared To WWE Wrestlers

Last Week Tonight host John Oliver recently got the wrestling world talking, as Sunday night's episode of his show saw him criticize a number of WWE's alleged practices, including, but not limited to, how the promotion classifies its wrestlers as "independent contractors" in order to avoid paying them certain benefits, including health insurance. While The Inquisitr previously reported that several ex-WWE wrestlers and personalities soon took to social media to praise Oliver and/or agree with his comments, one particular UFC fighter — welterweight Colby Covington — also had something to say about the matter in a recent appearance on the Submission Radio podcast.

As quoted on Thursday by, Covington's reaction to Oliver's Last Week Tonight piece, which he claims he watched parts of, was highly critical toward his current employer. The former interim welterweight champion accused the UFC of "taking advantage" of its fighters, while suggesting that WWE's wrestlers mostly make a comfortable living through their paychecks and endorsement money.

"Most [WWE wrestlers] are making multi-millions a year, with their t-shirt deals they're making even more. And I'm pretty sure all those guys get health insurance and retirement benefits. We don't get none of that s**t in the UFC, we don't get no health care unless we're fighting."
After claiming that he once had to pay for his own medical expenses after he broke his hand in training camp, Covington continued his tirade against the UFC, suggesting that the mixed martial arts promotion "[doesn't] even compare" to WWE in terms of how its employees are supposedly treated and paid.

"The UFC, we get paid like dog s**t," Covington continued. "It's pennies over here, and [John Oliver] has no idea, man. If he came and looked into the books and really did some research into the UFC, man, there's no parallel, everyone's getting taken advantage of in the UFC."

Although Covington is expected to challenge current UFC Welterweight Champion Kamaru Usman later this year, per Bloody Elbow, the 31-year-old fighter also volunteered to speak to Oliver and further explain the allegations he made against the company he works for. In a separate report, Wrestling Inc. also quoted Covington's comments from his Submission Radio appearance, noting that he said he wasn't afraid of losing his job for publicly criticizing the UFC, unlike others who may be too "scared" to get fired for speaking out about the supposed situation.

As pointed out by Wrestling Inc., Colby Covington is no stranger to the world of professional wrestling, as he had taken part in an Impact Wrestling storyline from 2017 that saw Bobby Lashley and King Mo feud against Moose and Stephan Bonnar.