New Promo Pics For Series Finale Of ‘Gotham’ Tease Batman’s Suit – First Good Look At Joker


There are only two episodes remaining in the city of Gotham, but Fox isn’t ready to air them just yet. They want to extend the fifth and final season a bit longer. On April 18, the penultimate episode will air — and the season finale is set for April 25. However, these two episodes will be vastly different. In the first, the story of Gotham will continue, but in the finale, there will be a 10-year jump which will finally give fans Batman and Joker.

Superhero Hype gave a few other details regarding the final episode of Gotham, and it is going to be one of the best. Season 5 has truly been a great season, as the entire series has been building up to the creation of — and reveal of — Batman.

At the same time, it has also been building up all of the villains of Gotham, many of whom have come into their own without a masked vigilante to stop them. In the series finale, there will be a 10 year jump forward, one which will finally have Bruce Wayne accepting his new role in life.

Along with that, he will also literally step into the suit that fits him best in a city full of villains and evil-doers. The official social media sites for Gotham decided to give fans a small taste of what is to come for Batman, and that includes the first look at his suit.

The suit appears to be something of a mixture of Michael Keaton’s suit in the 1989 Batman film, and that donned by Christopher Bale in The Dark Knight trilogy. Of course, there could be a much different look to the suit once Batman finally turns around and shows us the full ensemble — a moment which won’t arrive until the season finale.

Batman isn’t the only big star finally making his appearance in Gotham for the series finale, though, as his arch-nemesis will also be there. It has long been known that the final hour of the series will have Batman taking on Joker, and the “Clown Prince of Crime” has finally been revealed as well in a new poster.

Cameron Monaghan as Joker in "Gotham."
Featured image credit: FOX

Along with the poster, Fox revealed an official trailer for the series finale of Gotham, one which gives a little bit more detailing of the demented clown.

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After five seasons, Gotham is coming to an end — even though the story of Batman, Joker, and the other villains is just beginning. That has been the entire point of Gotham, and it is very much in the same way that Smallville built up to Clark Kent accepting his role as Superman.