Olivia Munn Flaunts Major Cleavage In Skintight Sports Bra For Latest Instagram Snap

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The Newsroom alum Olivia Munn took to Instagram to share an attempt of herself taking a “glamour” pic, but ended up making a series of goofy faces for the camera instead. Although the slide show of photos was playful, Munn still showed off some major cleavage by rocking a skintight sports bra.

The sparkling pink number clung to Munn’s curvaceous body and emphasized her buxom chest. Showing off a tad more skin for the shot, Munn rocked a pair of matching rose-colored shorts that revealed her voluptuous thighs. The combo of the two interesting pieces of clothing gave her fans a glimpse of her chiseled abs, and she topped the look off with a baby-pink jacket that was lined with long pieces of fringe-style fabric.

Munn wore her raven-colored hair in loose waves that spilled down her back and over her shoulders. She chose a shell-pink shadow infused with flecks of glitter that made her eyes pop — when she was able to open them for the shot, as she hilariously displayed in the set of pictures. She wore heavy sweeps of bronzer to accentuate her cheekbones, and a coral-colored gloss that made her plump pout stand out.

For accessories, Munn chose a dainty, on-trend necklace in silver — and a pair of matching dangling earrings. She added some chunky rings, and wore her short nails painted with light pink nail polish to tie the look together flawlessly.

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God. Damn. Glam pics.

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Aside from taking funny photos — that, in the end, still ended up being glamorous — the actress has been speaking out about the treatment of women in Hollywood. She spoke with Cosmopolitan about how she handles certain “bullies,” and how it was some advice from her mother that, to this day, helps her gain control of certain unsavory situations.

“You can’t make these girls go away. All you can do is make yourself stronger. Don’t care about what they think. Do what you want to do for yourself,” Munn’s mother told her when she was bullied by some school-aged girls as a young woman.

After Munn came to the realization that she had unknowingly shared an intimate scene with an actor who — aside from being a friend of Predator director Shane Black — is a registered sex offender, she spoke up and demanded that the studio cut the scene from the final cut. Fox did comply with Munn’s wishes, but she was met with some pushback from the production company after sharing her thoughts with the rest of the cast and crew. However, that pushback apparently didn’t bother the actress in the least.

“I’m not for sale… If speaking up costs me my career, I don’t want it anyway,” Munn shared.