Michael Jackson’s Family Blasts Wade Robson’s Appeal Of Sexual Abuse Case

Amanda Edwards / Carlo AllegriGetty Images

Michael Jackson’s family is slamming Wade Robson as he tries to appeal the sexual abuse case dismissal against the late singer.

According to The Blast, Michael Jackson’s estate says that Wade Robson’s claims of being sexually abused by the King of Pop are blatant lies. The estate further claims that the choreographer will lose in appeals court, as he did the first time around.

In court documents obtained by the outlet, the estate claims that “Michael Jackson is dead, and that Robson missed the probate claims filing deadlines by several years. You cannot sue a dead man.”

The documents also point out that although the Leaving Neverland documentary — which featured Robson and another man, James Safechuck, as they told their stories of being sexually abused by Jackson from the time they were young boys until their early teenage years — has caused a stir, there is no way to prove they’re telling the truth.

The estate also points out that Michael can’t defend himself against the allegations that Robson and Safechuck are now throwing at him, and that the men are free to spit their allegations for all to hear without fear of being sued for defamation.

Wade’s case was dismissed back in 2017, and the Jackson estate is now hoping for much of the same with this appeal.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Wade Robson has publicly defended Michael Jackson against child molestation claims in the past, even taking the stand at his 2005 trial as a character witness in defense of the singer, whom he now says horrifically abused him as a child.

Eleanor Cook, a juror during that famous trial, recently told Radar Online that she believes Jackson not only abused Robson as a child, but also actor Macaulay Culkin, a close friend of the singer, as well — saying she didn’t believe the men’s testimonies.

“I didn’t believe them. They were kids who grew up with Michael. I definitely thought he was guilty with all my heart and soul. I have always thought that. I have prayed about it,” Cook stated. She added that she also felt sorry for Michael Jackson, despite believing he was guilty.

“His father mistreated him. Yes, he was guilty, and he did a lot of that stuff. But he had a hard life, and his mother was the only one that was there every day. She was a very sweet woman,” Eleanor added.

Wade Robson is now hoping that his sexual abuse case will go to trial, although many believe it is unlikely — particularly without Michael Jackson being alive to create a defense.