Spoilers For 'General Hospital': Finn's Ready To Make A Big Move With Anna, But Robert Disrupts His Plans

New General Hospital spoilers tease that some potentially big developments are on the way related to the characters of Anna and Finn. Their relationship has grown increasingly serious over the past few months, but her twin sister -- Alex -- tried to throw a wrench into their pairing when she was recently in town. Now Finn is preparing to ask a big question of Anna, but an interruption could turn everything upside down.

Soap Central teases that viewers will soon see Finn decide that he is fully ready to move forward, and it seems that he believes his future includes Anna in a relatively permanent manner. Alex tried to plant doubt in his mind that he would ever be enough for Anna, but he's doing his best to dismiss any thoughts about that.

Now, according to SheKnows Soaps, Finn will soon decide he is ready to propose to Anna. Unfortunately, before Finn can properly pop the question, Robert will show up and disrupt the potentially sweet moment.

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Robert will have information to relay to Anna, information indicating that Alex had lied about something. Viewers will have to stay tuned to see exactly what Robert has learned, and how it rattles Anna -- but the impact could be massive. It sounds like this is no ordinary little white lie.

Viewers have been speculating for a while that Anna may come to worry that she has memories of Alex's that would completely change her world. For example, many have wondered if it might turn out that Peter is Alex's son, rather than Anna's. Now, as this storyline has intensified, others start to speculate that questions might arise signaling that Robin is really Alex's, and not Anna's.

According to the latest General Hospital spoilers, that is exactly what is on the horizon. Something about what Robert has learned will lead Anna to contemplate that Robin isn't really her biological child, and this would be a wild development. Would the writers really shake things up in such a crazy way?

What will Robert's revelations mean for Finn's desire to propose to Anna? Could Peter, Robin, or both end up being Alex's biological children?

General Hospital spoilers hint that things will get pretty crazy as this storyline moves forward, and viewers will be curious to see just how far the writers are willing to go in shaking things up on this front. Specific dates breaking down when this happens haven't emerged yet, but it sounds as if it will come up during the next week or two at the most.