Sony PS4 Event In Animated Parody [Video]

Next Media Animation, a Taiwanese animation studio, has released an animated video mocking the Sony PS4 event.

Sony made its next-generation console announcement at a press event in New York on Wednesday, but the PlayStation 4 console wasn’t revealed, something which left many consumers disappointed.

The Inquisitr published an article regarding Sony’s delayed unveiling in which Sony’s worldwide studio president told journalists that the final PS4 console deign had not yet been completed.

Sony has confirmed that the console will be ready for the Holiday 2013 product launch.

Detailed hardware specifications have been released for Sony’s PlayStation 4 including an x86 CPU, enhanced PS GPU, eight gigabytes of unified memory, local storage hard drive, and an redesigned DualShock 4 controller.

According to CBS News, the animation studio created a video that mocks the PS4 during the press event held Wednesday. Sony showcased what its newest platform was capable of with compelling game trailers and gameplay footage but did not actually unveil a physical console or reveal a retail price.

Check out the video for a good laugh:

Will you be buying a PS4 this year, or are you holding out for the next-generation Microsoft Xbox?