‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Kristina Is Prepped For Initiation Into Dawn Of Day

Craig SjodinABC Press

It’s getting to be a dangerous situation for Kristina on General Hospital. She is about to be way in over her head into Dawn of Day, even more than she is right now. The initiation into the cult will be happening in the coming days, giving Shiloh even more power over Port Charles. Sam and Jason are working desperately to get Kristina out of there, but Sam may be in danger as well.

General Hospital spoilers that have been shared by SheKnows Soaps tease that Harmony will be back in town to help prepare Kristina for her initiation process. Daisy will also be helping. Next week is when she and Kristina make plans. The spoilers are not clear on what the preparation process is, but the two Dawn of Day followers will be making sure that Kristina is ready.

The ceremony will be held in the attic of the Dawn of Day house. That is a strange place for this to happen, and quite a bit creepy. What happens in the attic that is so secretive? From the story that Willow Tait told Chase about how Shiloh manipulates people, it is leaning towards Shiloh using sex as one of the initiation tools.

Another thing that seems inevitable is that those who pledge their allegiance to Dawn of Day will also be “branded” with the same tattoo that was seen on both Willow and Daisy. That attic seems like quite a scary place to be.

More General Hospital spoilers indicate that Sam will catch wind of something happening in the attic and will hide out up there. She will learn of the “trust offering” that her sister told to Shiloh as yet another manipulative way to hold that over his followers. There is something else that Sam will overhear that is said to shake her up quite a bit. What could that be?

Other spoilers for next week say that Jason will have to act quickly. That could mean that he will need to do something to get Sam out of her situation that she finds herself in so that her cover isn’t blown. By Tuesday, Harmony will be sending out some sort of distress call, most likely to Shiloh. It could be about Sam and Jason, or something else that has her worried.

Currently, Kristina has the $10,000 that Julian gave to her that she will be handing over to Shiloh. That will certainly prove that she is ready for that next big step. She has proved that she is more than ready to give her life and soul to Dawn of Day and to Shiloh.

Keep watching General Hospital in the coming weeks to see if Jason and Sam or someone else will take Shiloh down for good.