Daily Dose Of ‘General Hospital’ For Thursday: Oscar’s Time Is Nearly Up

Craig SjodinABC Press

It’s beginning of the end for Oscar Nero. Thursday’s General Hospital revealed another seizure for the teen, only this time it put him into a coma. It’s expected to be a heartbreaking time for Kim, Drew, and Josslyn. As Soap Central indicated, Carly received a desperate call from Joss.

Oscar and Joss were on the footbridge when the incident occurred. They were having a great time together. In addition to the lock of love being placed on the bridge, Oscar got Joss a watch and explained that twice a day, when the time hits 11:11, that will be the time that a person who has passed on will reach out to their loved one. It will be a time for Joss to remember him every day. She loved it. They start dancing to their song, but then Oscar suddenly collapses. Joss calls 911.

Kim visits Julian at Charlie’s and disappoints him, saying that she and Oscar will probably be moving into the Quartermaine mansion. She breaks down in his arms talking about her dying son.

Drew and Curtis discuss Jordan and Oscar while at the gym. Curtis tells Drew that he has his back. Carly is at General Hospital and Epiphany encourages her to sign up for Lamaze classes. She also talks Carly into taking a test to check for any abnormalities with the baby.

Ava’s nightmare of being strangled by Ryan has her putting in the best security there is. Julian shows up and announces that he wants to move in with her temporarily, especially since Ava insists that Ryan is still alive.

Lulu meets with Jordan to talk about Dante. Jordan won’t say where Dante is, but she did tell Lulu that she is not going to stop looking for Ryan until he is found.

Curtis and Stella wanted to sit down with Jordan to discuss her dialysis situation, but she got a call about Ryan and ran off.

Kevin paid a visit with Laura. He found out the she posted his bail. They talk about their pending divorce. Kevin wants her to sign, but Laura said she won’t right now. They are interrupted by Lulu at the door. Lulu freaks out when she sees Kevin thinking it’s Ryan.

Kevin quickly exits and Laura calms her daughter down. Lulu finally tells her mom about Dante leaving again. She also revealed that she is broken, too. She doesn’t know what to do anymore and it’s affecting her kids as well. Laura suggested that she leave Port Charles for a while.

Back at GH, Dr. Terry informs Kim and Drew that Oscar’s tumor is growing and she doesn’t know if he will wake up from his coma. If he does, she told them that he may not be the same boy they are used to. Joss cries in Carly’s arms telling her that she thought they would have more time.

Kevin found out from Epiphany that he got his medical privileges revoked at General Hospital. She also gave him a piece of her mind saying that he doesn’t belong there anymore.

Jordan arrived at Ava’s to inform her and Julian that Ryan has been found. On Friday’s General Hospital, Ava will tell Julian that she hopes Ryan is still alive so that she can kill him herself. Also, Chet has a chat with Peter, while Anna confronts Maxie about her son.