Brian Rini Is ‘A Piece Of Sh*t’ For Pretending To Be Timmothy Pitzen, Says Brother Jonathan

Spencer PlattGetty Images

Now that a DNA test has revealed that the person claiming to be missing boy Timmothy Pitzen is actually a 23-year-old Ohio man with a record named Brian Michael Rini, the impostor’s brother says he doesn’t know why he would do this.

Jonathan Rini spoke exclusively to Radar Online, saying that his brother has been arrested before, calling him a “piece of sh*t.” He says he’s puzzled why his sibling would pretend to be Pitzen, who went missing in 2011 at the age of 6, but he explains that Rini has impersonated others before, and was just released from confinement for third-degree burglary and fifth-degree vandalism.

“He just got out of prison a month ago,” Jonathan said.

Earlier this week, Rini told police he was Pitzen, and he had just escaped from his kidnappers at an Ohio Red Roof Inn, but DNA results released today prove that he isn’t the missing boy. His brother says he wants nothing to do with a person who would perpetrate such a hoax.

“He’s also a piece of s**t who pretended to be a dead kid. I’m not going to visit him if they put him back in jail, I didn’t any of the other times he was in there.”

Jonathan Rini blames the police for announcing that his brother might be Timmothy Pinzen without validating DNA results first, saying that “today’s law enforcement isn’t exactly the smartest, is it?”

The Daily Mail says that though the police are disappointed that the man isn’t Pinzen, they haven’t stopped looking for the boy who would now be a teen.

“Although we are disappointed that this turned out to be a hoax, we remain diligent in our search for Timmothy, as our missing person’s case remains unsolved.”

The story of the disappearance of the Illinois boy has puzzled the Aurora police for years ever since he went missing from the hotel room where his mother, Amy Fry-Pitzen committed suicide in May of 2011. Fry-Pitzen left a cryptic note saying that the boy was safe, but would never be found.

Though there have been alleged sightings of a child who resembles Pinzen, Rini is the first person to claim that he is the missing boy.

Brian Michael Rini is now in custody for impersonation, and this isn’t the first time he has claimed to be someone else. In 2018, Rini was arrested and told police he was his brother, Jonathan, giving authorities his sibling’s identification and social security number.