Snapchat Launches Multi-Player Games Platform Called Snap Games

Not sure what to do on Snapchat in between chats and stories? Why not check out their Snap Games function which was newly released.

According to Tech Crunch, Snapchat's games platform will be a new revenue stream for the social media giant. This gives users the ability to play real-time, multiplayer games against their friends.

Using an opt-in, users will have to watch six-second unskippable commercials in order to power up or earn bonus in-game currency. The ad revenue obtained will be shared between developers, of which the split is currently not publicly available.

Snapchat's new games platform has been developed thanks to a secret acquisition of PrettyGreat, an Australian game studio, in 2017. They developed Bitmoji Party, which Tech Crunch describes as a Mario Party-style mini-game where up to seven of your friends can participate in mini-games. Up to 24 friends are able to spectate during play and the option is available for game users to jump in and out to give spectators a chance to participate.

Five games are already available on the platform from developers such as Zynga and ZeptoLab.

"We wanted to build something that makes us feel like we're playing a board game with a family of over a long holiday weekend," says Snap's head of gaming, Will Wu, during Snapchat's first-ever press event.

"Something that makes us feel like we're sitting with friends, controllers in hand, looking at the same screen."
And this new games platform is considered the perfect match for Snapchat's demographic, according to Snap CEO Evan Spiegel
"In the United States, Snapchat now reaches nearly 75 percent of all 13-34 year-olds, and we reach 90 percent of 13-24 year-olds. In fact, we reach more 13-24 year-olds than Facebook or Instagram in the United States, the UK, France, Canada, and Australia."
Snap Games will likely be similar in style and feel to Facebook's current Messenger's Instant Games platform in that the games do not have to be downloaded, but are accessed via the internet.

It is unclear yet as to whether the reward-incentivized video ad views will generate enough viewership and revenue to continue the platform via an expansion of games available, according to Tech Crunch. However, the potential is also there to add in-app purchases as an alternative to the advertisements currently offered.

For those that are not yet seeing the new games platform on Snapchat, have no fear. Snapchat is unveiling the new platform in a series of rollouts and will likely be available to all users shortly. Snap Games will be available on iOS and Android.