Meghan Markle Allowed To Wear The Queen’s Jewelry

Jeff J. MitchellGetty Images

The scathing stories about a rift over access to royal jewels had people believing that Duchess Meghan was not allowed to borrow from the jewelry box of Queen Elizabeth II, while Kate Middleton had access to the full treasure trove.

The Daily Beast says that despite a detailed rumor which alleged that Prince Harry was furious because Duchess Kate could borrow a tiara from the queen, and his wife couldn’t, royal sources are calling foul, saying that it’s just not true, meaning that Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, is welcome to borrow jewelry from her husband’s grandma, the queen, and will most likely be gifted a few pieces along the way.

Additionally, despite the story in The Sun, which claimed that Markle was being corrected for not knowing her place, the same source says that Duchess Meghan also will continue to have access to the jewels which previously belonged to Princess Diana.

The story said that the queen was upset with Duchess Meghan, and metaphorically locking the jewelry box to teach her a lesson. The Sun said the queen “was not impressed with some of Meghan’s demands, especially as a new member of the family.”

The source for The Sun said that Queen Elizabeth informed the royal family that Markle was banned from choosing pieces to wear for special occasions.

“As part of that situation, the Queen informed Prince William that the items from the Royal Collection worn by Princess Diana would not immediately be made available to Meghan.”

But Queen Elizabeth has heaped praise on Duchess Meghan, suggesting that she is impressed by her work ethic, which is why she has handed over important patronages to the wife of Prince Harry. Markle has been given access to the prized jewelry collections belonging to the queen and also pieces which belonged to Princess Diana, so the idea that Markle is on some sort of probationary period is just not true.

Even as her due date approaches, certain news sources continue the narrative that Duchess Meghan is interested in a power grab to get all she can out of her marriage to Prince Harry, says The Inquisitr. Unnamed sources have complained about Markle’s American friends throwing her a baby shower in New York, while others claim that the Duchess of Sussex and the Duchess of Cambridge are at war, causing a rift between their husbands.

Despite the tabloid stories and her own family issues, Markle seems to be popular with the British public, and with the royal family as a whole.