Grave Filled With Treasure Unearthed In Russia

A grave filled with treasure was recently unearthed in Russia.

Scientists currently believe the items found inside the warrior’s grave in the Caucasus Mountains date back around 2,200 years. Included among the treasures were gold jewelry, iron chain mail, and an assortment of weaponry.

According to LiveScience, the remains of three horses, a boar, and a cow were found buried near the Russian grave as well.

Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences Institute of Archaeology researcher Valentina Mordvintseva believes all of these treasures were placed with the warrior to honor his life. While there are no written records from that time period, scientists currently believe he may have been “chief of a people.”

She added:

“These animals were particularly valuable among barbarian peoples of the ancient world. It was [a] sign of [the] great importance of the buried person, which was shown by his relatives and his tribe.”

The Daily Mail explains that scientists discovered 12 gold artifacts when they recently unearthed the grave in Russia. Included in the find were two swords covered with gold decorations. One 19-inch sword was reportedly outfitted with a gold plate. Officials said they’ve never seen anything quite like them before.

The team noted:

“[The] actual fact that these articles were used to decorate weapons sets them apart in a category all of their own, which has so far not been recorded anywhere else.”

Although scientists said they believe the treasure-filled grave site was used during third century BC and second century AD, researchers said they cannot immediately determine when the items were created.

Grave robbers first stumbled across the Russian grave site back in 2004. However, they missed quite a few of the artifacts scientists recently discovered. Excavations are still underway at the necropolis.

What do you think about the gold treasure and ornate weaponry found at the warrior’s grave site in Russia?