Bikini-Clad Lele Pons And Hannah Stocking Pose On Yacht, Send Instagram Hint That They’re ‘Dating’

Frazer Harrison Getty Images

With an Instagram following that sits at 33.9 million, it’s fair to say that Lele Pons is popular.

On April 4, 2019, the social media sensation updated her account with an aquatic picture, and it’s definitely eye-popping. Wearing a super-skimpy thong bikini, the YouTuber is definitely flaunting her assets, but she isn’t alone. Her hands rest on the shoulders of fellow model and comedian Hannah Stocking. With mirrored hand behavior from Stocking, the vibe seems to be “right back atcha.” The girls seem to be on a yacht with a mega-vessel in the background.

The caption then announces the two girls as “dating,” before reminding fans that it’s just a joke.

Outfit-wise, Stocking almost outdoes Pons. With a hot pink bikini, criss-cross leg fabric, and little to suggest that the bikini top is supporting anything, there’s almost a topless feel to Lele’s unofficial “girlfriend.”

Within two hours of being posted, the picture had accumulated over 650,000 likes. Comments poured in fast.

“Menage a trois?”

Clearly, one fan wanted to join in the fun. Another called these two “the most beautiful friends ever.” With frequent posts that tend to include very little clothing, Lele’s April 4 update forms a pattern. In December 2018, The Inquisitr reported Pons “[shaking] her assets” as an Instagram video showed her dancing along to a Shakira song.

Instagram updates from yachts have become pretty common with celebrities. Kylie Jenner has done it. Likewise, Cardi B, Kim Kardashian, and a fair few Victoria’s Secret models. Few, however, have suggested that their female companion might be their girlfriend.

After announcing her jokingly “official” relationship status, Pons then asks fans to name the ship she’s on. Unfortunately, very few fans seem to have registered the question. As they beg for FaceTime or a follow-back, only a handful appear to respond with a name for the ship.

“Lennah that’s ur ship name”

One fan did oblige. The post’s popularity likely stems from the presence of two social media stars. Hannah Stocking’s Instagram following may sit at a more modest 16.1 million, but it’s still an achievement.

On February 19, Stocking posted a humorous video to her Instagram. It shows her receiving a phone invitation to a night out. Stocking’s cozy bathrobe attire quickly turns into a plethora of outfits – clearly, Hannah can’t decide what to wear. While apparently seeming to settle on denim shorts and cut-off tee, the most eye-catching look is definitely Hannah’s brief bikini choice. The video comes to an amusing end, with Hannah receiving a message to say the night has been called off.

As of April 4 though, it seems that Stocking hasn’t been abandoned. In fact, she may have just found herself a new girlfriend. Well, kind of.