Thursday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Curtis Has Drew’s Back And Stella Has An Update For Jordan

Craig SjodinABC

General Hospital spoilers for Thursday’s show suggest that there is a lot of action on the way. There may be a crisis on the way related to Oscar, but teasers note that there will be some scenes related to both Curtis and Jordan coming during the April 4 episode as well.

As The Inquisitr noted, Josslyn will be making a panicked phone call from the bridge during Thursday’s show, and Kim will be getting bad news. Joss will also call her mom, Carly, and this has fans speculating that Oscar has another seizure while he’s with his gal on the bridge. It may be that something else happens that causes the teens to go into panic mode, but whatever does go down, it will seemingly leave Josslyn pretty shaken.

Elsewhere in Port Charles, Drew and Curtis will spend some time together at the gym. These two have become quite close over the past year or so, and the sneak peek shared via Twitter details that Curtis will do his best to make sure Drew knows he’s got his full support.

It seems likely that this reassurance comes from Curtis, as the men talk about Oscar’s declining state of health. Drew is doing his best to be strong for Oscar and Kim, and it looks like Curtis will try to remind his friend that he needs to lean on others during this tough time too.

Jordan is still waiting for a kidney donor after the accident, and General Hospital spoilers reveal that Stella will have news of some sort to share. Stella will tell Jordan she has an update about Jordan’s dialysis, and fans have a hunch that this isn’t necessarily good news.

Viewers have been speculating about who will end up being the donor for Jordan, but nothing has been solidified yet. Some have wondered if it could even end up being Oscar.

In the real world, it would be unusual if not impossible to consider having a cancer patient like Oscar be an organ donor for Jordan. Of course, in the land of soap operas, some speculate that the writers might take some liberties here, especially if Oscar does pass away soon as seems to be likely.

SheKnows Soaps adds that Thursday’s episode will bring a startling moment for Laura, and it is known that she will have a complicated conversation with Kevin at some point. Both Lulu and Ava are walking on eggshells as they try to cope with all that Ryan put them through, and several Port Charles residents will be feeling quite anxious over the events set to play out.

Who will end up donating a kidney to Jordan, and how soon will Oscar pass away? General Hospital spoilers tease that things will be pretty intense over the next few episodes, and viewers are anxious to see how everything comes together with the current story lines.