Alex Rodriguez Took Jennifer Lopez To A Strip Club To Prepare For ‘Hustlers’ Role

Dia DipasupilGetty Images

Jennifer Lopez is taking her talents to the big screen again for the upcoming drama Hustlers that centers around a group of young exotic dancers in New York, and nobody was more excited about her latest role than her fiance Alex Rodriguez.

JLo will take on the role of Ramona in the film, who is the ringleader of a group of young strippers — an industry that, according to The Daily Mail, the star admitted her beau had some prior knowledge of.

“Of course he knew that world very well from when he was a young athlete, going to the clubs and stuff,” she said during an appearance on Apple Music’s Beats 1. “He helped me a lot with the preparation for this movie and was very supportive.”

The World of Dance host confessed that her fiance was “very excited” she was going to be starring in a stripper movie and even took it upon himself to get his bride-to-be a first-hand look at the world her character would be a part of.

“He helped me do research by going to a strip club in NYC with me and we watched the show and afterwards I chatted to some of the girls,” she revealed in the interview.

The former Yankees player also kept Jennifer company as she embarked on a strict diet to prepare for the upcoming role.

“Me and Alex went on a strict no sugar, no carbs diet first for 10 days then for five days,” she explained.

The couple also frequently hit the gym together and often share their rigorous workouts to YouTube.

Amid Jennifer’s preparations for her upcoming movie, Alex asked her to take on another role — his wife. The Fox Sports commentator got down on one knee last month on March 9 to ask for Jennifer’s hand in marriage two years after the pair began dating, to which he reported on his Instagram account that “she said yes.”

Hustlers began filming shortly after the couple returned from their vacation in the Bahamas where the proposal took place, and ARod has continued to be nothing but supportive of his future wife. The 42-year-old penned a sweet message to his future wife on Instagram the night before her film began shooting, offering her nothing but sweet words of encouragement.

“Love you baby and continue to shine, fly high and inspire us,” he wrote in the post.

JLo has also been joined by her man on set a number of times since filming began last week, where they have looked as loved-up as ever and shared some adorable displays of affection.