Miley Cyrus Exposes Her Chest & Censors With Her Hand In New Instagram Post

Frazer HarrisonGetty Images

Miley Cyrus shared a new clip on Instagram, and it’s got fans going wild. The post is promoting the pre-order of Von Magazine, which is the new publication from Ellen Von Unwerth. The short GIF shows Miley winking for the cameras in a black-and-white photo as she wears what looks like a glittery dress. The dress was pulled down, however, to expose the left side of her chest. The singer censored the photo by grabbing herself with her right hand as she smiled widely. Ellen was quick to comment on Cyrus’ new post within minutes of it being published as she left a string of red heart emojis in the comments.

In addition, Cyrus has shared another sneak peek from the photo, showing herself grabbing ahold of a mic. She looked like she was about to lick it as she closed her eyes for the shot. Her hair was down in loose waves as she rocked a Chanel bikini top. Miley accessorized with multiple gold necklaces, and joked in the comments that “At least this time it’s not a sledge hammer.”

Prior to this, the singer shared a series of three photos climbing a Joshua tree, which reportedly received a ton of flak. Unfortunately, the trees are fragile and aren’t meant to be climbed, noted The Inquisitr. Many of the concerns revolved around Miley’s actions spurring others to copy her, which in turn could damage a lot of trees. However, even though there was a ton of online backlash, it appears that Cyrus has opted to keep the photos up on her page. Notably, she disabled the comments.

With that being said, there’s plenty of other things on Miley’s mind. Recently, she spoke with Vanity Fair about her new life as a married woman.

“Almost like the milestones in my life were milestones for America. It almost felt like America was a weird godparent, you know? I was so influential in kids’ lives that I was like America’s nanny. Like, ‘Just sit your kids in front of me and I’ll teach them how to be a good person.’ Which maybe backfired on the American godparent.”

Cyrus also reflected on her new work.

“Where I am in life right now is very complex, even to myself. So I wrote something that, in my mind, could maybe come before our conversation.”

With all that being said, one thing’s for sure. Miley’s still the larger-than-life girl that America got to know when she was younger.