Rapper YG Announces That He’ll Push Back Album Release Because Of Nipsey Hussle’s Murder

Jamie McCarthy / Matt WinkelmeyerGetty Images

Nipsey Hussle’s murder has rocked the hip-hop community and tributes to the slain rapper are still pouring in since his death on Sunday. On Thursday, YG, who is from the West Coast like Hussle, announced that he will be delaying the release of his surprise album out of respect for his friend’s death.

“I was dropping a Surprise album April 12th. But man. Now that we gotta deal with Big bro goin to heaven I will not drop the album this month. Pushing it to May, Sorry! LONG LIVE @NipseyHussle,” he wrote on Twitter.

On Instagram, he revealed more about his relationship with Hussle and explained that he and the “Racks In The Middle” rapper would talk often about their journey through the music industry.

“We went thru so much s**t together tryna make it out of LA with this rap s**t, But we always got thru it then talked about it & after we talked. We laughed! You was a real big bro to me…”

YG also shared that he and Hussle had planned to release a joint album, but found it difficult to make it happen because the slain rapper always wanted to record at 10 a.m. According to YG, the album was going to be named 2 Of Amerikka’s Most Wanted, which is the same name as a song by iconic West Coast rappers Snoop Dogg and Tupac, which appeared on Tupac’s 1996 double album All Eyez On Me.

Nipsey Hussle was shot and killed on Sunday, March 31. A suspect has since been apprehended. CNN reports that his name is Eric Holder and that he knew Hussle. According to their article, Holder and Hussle had a “dispute” before the shooting. Authorities also think that Holder is a member of the Rollin 60s gang, which is an affiliate of the notorious LA-based gang The Crips. Hussle had been open about his involvement in the gang during his youth.

“It’s one of the biggest gangs,” he said of the Rollin 60s in an interview with Vlad TV five years ago. “One of the biggest Crip gangs…Our generation was kinda responsible for like putting it on the map in terms of like hustling and business. You know what I’m saying? Making moves outside of the streets. And taking it to a corporate level. Not necessarily gangbanging, but taking the legacy of our area to like the corporate level.”

Nipsey Hussle did just that. He went from being a “gang-banger” to being the owner of several businesses in the Crenshaw district where he grew up. Unfortunately, he was shot in front of one of those enterprises on Sunday, his flagship retail store The Marathon.