Shawn Johnson Pregnant: Olympic Champion Expecting Baby With Husband Andrew East After Earlier Miscarriage

Neilson BarnardGetty Images for Dove

Olympic champion Shawn Johnson East is pregnant. She revealed the big news with her husband, Andrew East, via a YouTube video on Thursday. In addition to the video, Shawn and Andrew shared updates via Instagram, and fans cannot wait to watch this pregnancy progress.

As People shared, Shawn and Andrew opened up in October of 2017 about going through a miscarriage just a couple of days after learning they were expecting their first baby. The couple got married in April of 2016, and the gymnast shared the feelings she struggled with after the miscarriage in an interview with the media outlet in June of 2018.

Now, Shawn shared via her Instagram Stories that she and her husband had a secret they had been keeping from fans for a while. She linked to the couple’s YouTube video, and shared a photo to her Instagram page announcing the exciting news.

Shawn and Andrew recorded a video on February 17 in which they shared the news, but they didn’t post the clip until now. The Olympian laughed as she talked about how many pregnancy tests she took and the signs she was feeling that led her to believe she might be pregnant.

The couple was having a game and pizza night when Shawn surprised Andrew with the positive pregnancy test in front of all of their friends. She had decided there was no way she could act normal and pretend she didn’t know she was pregnant in front of the group, and Andrew was suspicious as everybody was ready to film him, thinking there might be a prank coming.

The couple also talked about the miscarriage and how much disappointment they endured in the months since then, as they continued to try to get pregnant again. Shawn admitted she was absolutely terrified about getting pregnant again after the earlier loss, and she acknowledged she was now guarding her heart, as she worked to let her guard down a little with this new pregnancy.

Both Shawn and Andrew have been posting quite a bit to both Instagram and YouTube in recent weeks, but it doesn’t look as if fans had grown suspicious of the secret they were keeping. Now that the news is out in the open, their followers are thrilled and cannot wait for additional updates.

Shawn and Andrew don’t know yet if they are having a girl or a boy, and it doesn’t look like they have revealed specifics yet regarding when the baby is due to arrive or how far along the pregnancy is. Despite all of that, they are clearly over-the-moon excited as are all of the couple’s fans.