‘Storage Wars’ Star Wins Tila Tequila Auction

Storage Wars cast member Nabila Haniss bid about $3,000 to win the auction for reality star Tila Tequila’s foreclosed storage unit.

The auction of Tila Tequila’s stuff recently took place at a Los Angeles storage facility. Apparently, Tila Tequila fell behind on her rent, and the unit went into foreclosure.

Haniss apparently was unaware that the locker belonged to Tequila until after she bought it according to TMZ:

“Once she took ownership, Haniss says she was convinced the unit belonged to Tila based on all of the stuff inside … including self-portraits, a personal diary, racks of clothes, pictures, Louis Vuitton bags, and personal memoirs about TT’s engagement to heiress Casey Johnson, who passed away in 2010.”

After the auction, Haniss said she tried to get in touch with Tila Tequila but never received a response. Haniss plans to sell the stuff on eBay.

On her Facebook page, Tila Tequila posted comments, which were apparently about the auction of her storage locker. Her comments read in part:

“It’s a sad day when you save stuff with your life belongings & put them away so you can give to your closest family, friends & those who need them the most. Sadly, only to have your own belongings stolen from you by society thieves who have no rights to go through your personal belongings only to exploit you further then try to cash in on all of your rightful things on eBay to make a quick buck.”

Haniss is the same person who bought Paris Hilton’s foreclosed storage unit in 2004 and then sold it for a huge profit.