Donald Trump Jr. Says Father Does Better With ‘Actual Americans’ Than ‘Illegal Immigrants’

Shannon FinneyGetty Images

Donald Trump Jr. made a controversial comment on Twitter yesterday, suggesting that his father doesn’t have the easiest time dealing with illegal immigrants.

“Full disclosure: @realDonaldTrump does not do as well with illegal immigrants which is why the Democrats want them so badly. Dem policies are garbage, so they’ll buy the votes however they can rather than spending your tax dollars on you, your families, and actual Americans.”

It’s not the first time — and probably won’t be the last — that Trump Jr. has made controversial comments on Twitter. He previously came under fire for his comments on the New Zealand mosque shootings, and tried to justify a U.S.-Mexico border wall by using murder statistics.

Per Indy100, his comment is a response to CNN‘s Steve Cortes, who wrote an article on Donald Trump’s increased Hispanic support — March saw it grow by 50 percent — which he suggested could increase his chance of being re-elected in 2020.

“Hispanic Americans have suffered too many totally preventable losses, such as slain Arizona police Sgt. Brandon Mendoza and young Los Angeles mother Sandra Duran, both murdered by illegal aliens living in America despite multiple prior arrests in the United States.”

As CNN reported, Trump Jr., along with his brother Eric Trump, employed an illegal Mexican immigrant at their private hunting retreat, Leather Hill Preserve. Juan Quintero, who crossed the U.S.-Mexico border more than two decades ago, claims that he also worked as a greenkeeper at the Trump National Golf Club Hudson Valley in New York. But Quintero lost his jobs at both businesses this year shortly after the spotlight hit Trump for his family’s reliance on undocumented workers at their businesses. The spotlight hit during Trump’s fight against immigration and undocumented immigrants. Both Trump Jr. and Eric Trump, as well as the Trump Organization, have yet to comment on Quintero’s hiring and firing.

Recently, anonymous sources told Politico that Donald Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser, Jared Kushner, is developing a proposal to increase legal immigration in the midst of Trump’s public rage about the U.S.-Mexico border. As The Inquisitr reported, the proposal reportedly began development in January via meetings between Kushner and immigration advocacy groups, and it is expected to be submitted to Congress by the summer.

Some Trump supporters believe that legal immigration of low- and high-skilled workers can benefit the U.S. by helping small businesses and ensuring the country maintains its superiority in technology, science, engineering, and mathematics. But others believe that increasing immigration will harm American workers in the process and serve business interests, as opposed to national interests.