Kim Kardashian Gives Super Lengthy Interview On Wearing Shades Indoors, Talks ‘Total Vibe’

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If anyone can turn an ordinary subject matter into a headline, it’s Kim Kardashian.

Kim’s April 3 interview with Elle has already revealed the “Mommy’s Dead” April Fools’ prank that Kanye West found “unfunny.” The ketchup-centric incident that saw Kim’s daughter, North West, teach her little brother how to “fake cry” was covered by The Inquisitr on April 4.

Kim didn’t just speak to Elle about her family, though. The interview centered around Kim’s new sunglasses range. It partners with Carolina Lemke, and Kim has already taken to social media to promote the line. Promotion isn’t a job half done with this family, though. This 38-year-old has a remarkable ability to keep her fans hooked regardless of subject matter, and her impressively long monologue here is proof. Kim seems to have opinions on shades themselves, when and where they should be worn, and exactly why donning them indoors shouldn’t be slammed.

“I think [sunglasses indoors] can look very cool, and I also think if someone’s doing it, more often than not, it’s because they need to wear them.”

Kim then recalls her mother, Kris Jenner, having had “something wrong with her eye.” Kris’ inability to wear makeup is mentioned, as are “commitments” – clearly “commitments” in this family come hand-in-hand with a need for tinted eyewear.

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“I think Kendall was walking Victoria’s Secret for the first time, so she had to go. I was like, ‘Mom, sunglass it up.’ So she wore her shades everywhere she went for a week. Some people commented, ‘Omigod, Kris Jenner is such a diva!'”

One would imagine that with both a problem and a solution outlined, Kim would be done speaking on the matter. Not quite. The KKW Beauty founder continues voicing her thoughts. For Kim, “diva” accusations toward her mother were “really uncalled for” and not fair.

“They were a total vibe.”

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Quite what Kim means by this remains unclear. “Vibing” is the new-gen term that Ariana Grande uses in her lyrics (and most teenagers include in their group texts). The term refers to a mutual wavelength. Despite her 38 years, Kim seems to embrace the word. She frequently uses it on Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

Speaking “new-gen” isn’t limited to “vibing” for Kim, though. Her fragrances have names that include “Bae,” “BFF,” and “Wifey.” The latter is a term that Kylie Jenner uses about herself when referring to Travis Scott on social media. Kylie and Travis are neither married nor engaged.

Admittedly, there is a pretty awesome “vibe” to Kim’s promotional pictures for Carolina Lemke. Then again, there’s also a verbose aspect to it all.