‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Kailyn Lowry Slams MTV For Failing To Focus On The ‘Important Things’ In Her Life

Nicholas HuntGetty Images

Kailyn Lowry is becoming increasingly upset with the way in which she’s being portrayed on Teen Mom 2.

Following a rant against MTV at the end of last month, in which the mother of three asked when the network would stop portraying her as a “bitter baby momma,” Pop Culture shared a new message posted by Lowry on Twitter.

“Would’ve loved if [MTV] filmed [9-year-old son Isaac’s] projects, him making high honors year after year, family pix (sometimes a nightmare to get one pic), house building stuff, my birthday, etc. but they never find that important enough,” Lowry wrote.

According to Lowry, she became upset with MTV and her producers after they called her to discuss what they were hoping to film for the Teen Mom 2 finale episode. As she recalled, her producers hadn’t shown up to her home for about a month and failed to film a surprise party they knew about. Then, they threw out the idea of Lowry doing a boudoir shoot for the season finale.

“Kiss my a**. All the s**t I’ve been through and been doing and taking my kids on spring break, building house or party….. trip with [co-star Leah Messer] isn’t good enough for my finale???” she asked.

Following the phone call, Lowry told her fans and followers that she feels she’s only valued for getting naked and insisted she doesn’t ever sit on her couch and talk crap about her children’s fathers.

In addition to her complaints against MTV and their production decisions, Lowry did say she understands that “drama sells” but added that “happy stories” have “a bigger following and more opportunity.”

Lowry and her co-stars on Teen Mom 2 have frequently taken aim at MTV and the way in which the show is headed on social media but despite their alleged concerns about what is shown on the series, they’ve always returned to the show for new seasons. So, while they may not like what MTV is showing of their lives, they haven’t been mad enough yet to walk away from their reality careers.

In addition to her role on Teen Mom 2, Lowry has also appeared on a number of other reality shows, including Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars with her ex-husband Javi Marroquin and Game of Clones, where she searched for love.

To see more of Lowry and her co-stars, don’t miss new episodes of Teen Mom 2 on Monday nights at 9 p.m. on MTV.