Three More Women Accuse Joe Biden Of Touching Them Inappropriately

Former Vice President Joe Biden has been having an increasingly bad week. After former legislator Lucy Flores came forward last week to accuse him of touching her inappropriately and kissing her, the accusations have only grown. By Monday, a second woman had come forward to accuse him of also creeping up behind her and touching her shoulders.

On Wednesday, Biden made a video apologizing for any occasion in which he had made anyone uncomfortable, and pledging to be more mindful of his actions in the future. He also shared the same message in a tweet. But after the video was released, another three women came forward to accuse him of also having touched them inappropriately, according to Fox News.

All three of the women who came forward also said that they didn't feel that Biden's apology video went nearly far enough.

The Washington Post is reporting that Vail Kohnert-Yount, who was an intern at the White House in 2013, had a very uncomfortable introduction to Biden.

"He then put his hand on the back of my head and pressed his forehead to my forehead while he talked to me. I was so shocked that it was hard to focus on what he was saying. I remember he told me I was a 'pretty girl.'"
Much like the other women who previously accused Biden of inappropriate touching, Kohnert-Yount has also said that she didn't consider his actions to be sexual in any way, but that it still was "the kind of inappropriate behavior that makes many women feel uncomfortable and unequal in the workplace."

She also argued that while she appreciated his attempt at an apology, it was about "women deserving equal respect in the workplace."

Sofie Karasek accused Biden of inappropriately leaning his forehead against hers during the 2016 Oscars ceremony. A photo of the incident has been posted to Twitter.

Ally Coll, the third of the women to have come forward late on Wednesday, said that Biden "squeezed her for a beat too long" back in 2008. Coll now runs the Purple Campaign, which is an organization aimed at "combating sexual harassment," particularly in the workplace.

The recent spate of accusations has come just weeks before Biden is expected to announce that he's throwing his name in the hat for the 2020 presidential election, joining the large pool of Democrats already running.

With the new allegations, a total of seven women have since accused Biden of inappropriate touching, with D.J. Hill and Caitlyn Caruso also having come forward with allegations against the former vice president earlier in the week. All of them have said that none of their encounters were sexual, but that they should be talked about in the #MeToo era to raise awareness of how women are treated in the workplace.