Ex-‘LPBW’ Star Jeremy Roloff Explains Why He Convinced His Wife To Stop Watching ‘The Bachelor’

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Former Little People, Big World stars Jeremy Roloff and his wife, Audrey Roloff, had a lot of interesting details to reveal in their new book, A Love Letter Life. As previously documented by The Inquisitr, these details, among others, included Jeremy’s admission that his marriage to Audrey was threatened by his past tendency to look at “risque” images of other women on social media. Additionally, The Inquisitr also touched on Audrey’s revelation in the book that she and Jeremy did indeed remain virgins until marriage, but nonetheless “lost the purity battle” before they tied the knot.

Now, a new report from Radar Online has cited even more details from A Love Letter Life, specifically Jeremy Roloff’s story about how he was able to get Audrey to stop watching ABC’s popular reality dating show The Bachelor. While the outlet quoted Jeremy as having written that the series, as well as its sister program, The Bachelorette, “does not align” with his and Audrey’s shared values as devout Christians, it was also noted that Audrey was once a fan of The Bachelor, which she would often watch with her female friends as a “guilty pleasure.”

According to Jeremy, it came to a point where he had to talk to Audrey about her viewing habits, and explain to her that he was against how The Bachelor and The Bachelorette supposedly depict true love “and how we should go about looking for it.”

“After a few months of low-key discussions about it and explaining to Audrey where I was coming from, she admitted that the show did violate the values and convictions we both have about love.”

Interestingly, Jeremy’s comments about The Bachelor were published just a few weeks after the show’s most recent season wrapped up. Over the past several months, much had been reported about lead star Colton Underwood’s status as a virgin, which, as Vulture wrote, “remained an integral part of his season’s DNA” up until the season finale.

Given the revelations about Jeremy Roloff’s apparent aversion to The Bachelor franchise, as well as the other stories he and his wife told in A Love Letter Life, Radar Online explained that the couple has often been criticized by fans for “going too far” when it comes to their views on certain topics. This includes Audrey Roloff’s previous comments against same-sex marriage, as well as her remarks about being “confused” by model and YouTuber James Charles’ “gender-bending” Cover Girl advertisement, as reported separately by Radar Online in October 2016.