Chocolate Toothpaste: Theodent Strengthens Teeth, Regenerates Enamel

Chocolate toothpaste will be coming soon to a store near you. Theodent is the brand name for chocolate toothpaste that claims to strengthen teeth and regenerate enamel without using fluoride.

Chocolate toothpaste might sound like a joke, but it is not. In the early 1980s, Doctor Tetsuo Nakamoto discovered a chemical substance in chocolate called Theobromine that could help improve your healthy smile. Since then, Nakamoto has worked to get a patent and put that chocolate based substance into a toothpaste.

According to, Theodent’s CEO, Dr. Arman Sadeghpour, says that chocolate toothpaste is long overdue:

“Fluoride has been the gold standard in oral care for 100 years. There hasn’t been any substance to challenge fluoride in a century. That’s crazy. In all other aspects of technology, you constantly see innovation, a new iPhone every two to three years, but in toothpaste it’s been the same.”

The chocolate toothpaste is actually fluoride free and instead uses a substance called Rennou as Theodent’s active ingredient. Rennou works by helping to re-mineralize the surface of human teeth by increasing “unit crystals” to four times their normal size.

The original Theodent was mint flavored, but the new chocolate toothpaste is intended for kids. According to the Examiner, this development was due to overwhelming demands from kids:

“We gave the kids exactly what they asked us for. There was an overwhelming demand for a chocolate-flavored Theodent, so we went back to the lab to develop Theodent Kids, specifically formulated for young mouths. Now we have the best of both worlds – a toothpaste with an active ingredient derived from chocolate that tastes like chocolate as well.”

Theodent Kids began selling on their website on February 1 and will become available in retail food chains starting March 4.

Will you purchase chocolate toothpaste for your kids? Or perhaps all the women out there will gobble it down before the kids even get a chance.